Peter McKENNA has written:

St Swithin's used to be known as Gillmoss RC Junior Mixed (I started there in 1952) There was an old school building on the corner of Moss Way / Parkstile Lane, which was still in use as classrooms when I left in 1958. My first classroom was in the Quo Vadis building in Dwerryhouse Lane, as the "new school" was still being built.

There used to be a sign outside the "old" school with the name Gillmoss RC Junior Mixed and the date of foundation, which was 1776, if I remember rightly. I suppose it would difficult to find out any more information, as everything that was in any way historical (church, dairy, outbuilding, cottages) has long since been demolished. The land was probably donated by (or bought from) the Molyneux family of Croxteth Hall, some of whom were still Catholics (which is why Charles IX of France spent part of his exile there).


Peter also contributed this photo of staff in 1989

Back row: Hopkins, Black O'Connor, Murray, ?, Miss Jackson, Miss Jones, ?, Red O'Connor, ? (Slevin?)
Front row: ?, Mrs Johnson (?), ?, Wilf Murray, Miss Larkin, Miss Piper, ?


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