There are so many excellent sites about Liverpool and Liverpool history - here are just a few!.

These links will take you to Web sites not operated by Liverpool's Schools. Liverpool's Schools is not responsible for the condition of these links or the information they provide.  If you would like to report an issue with one of these links or the information displayed please contact me at info@liverpool-schools.co.uk and I’ll have a look.  Enjoy!

There is a great deal of fascinating information and great pictures on Mike Royden’s site.

Liverpool Pictorial contains beautiful pictures of Liverpool.  Thanks to Dave Wood.

Port Cities is linked to the Mersey Gateway project - there is a section on schools in there too

Old Liverpool offers transcriptions and images from newspapers and other sources.

Another great - and free - site is Old Mersey Times.  Fascinating reading.

Liverpool in Print has catalogues from the Liverpool Record Office and other resources

PastLiverpool is a site run by Liverpool Record Office.  It has sections on Housing and Schools

For Scotland Road / Vauxhall Road area, you can do no better than the Scottie Press

Liverpool Local History Society has a range of information and events, and good links

Fascinating photos and maps on Leverpoole

Resources available from the Liverpool & SW Lancashire Family History Association.

If you are researching Irish Family History, try Pat Neill’s fantastic Hibernia site

SJ’s files is another fantastic photograph site, run by John Bythell

Any unidentified photos causing you sleepless nights?  Try Liverpool Photographers

A site dedicated to Industrial Schools

Another site with fabulous photos is In a City Living

British History on-line  has lots of documents and a great search engine.

Fabulous photos of Liverpool on Tom’s site.

Did you ever go to Colomendy?  If so, the BBC will help you remember it!

Hit a brick wall?  Try the Lancashire Look Up exchange - you never know! You may also help.  

Anfield Cemetery site has lots of fascinating information, and references


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