Thanks to Dave at Liverpool Pictorial, Ann Moore, Michael Rick and Leo. Many photos have come from the Mersey Gateway (Liverpool Record Office).  Staff at the Liverpool Record Office have been very helpful - and patient! Dave Rice’s support has been heroic, and I owe much to his earlier work. 


Many other people have contributed with photos, information and sometimes just interesting questions that open up other lines of enquiry.  Heartfelt thanks to:  Caryll, Dave in Essex, Jane, Maria, Sister Aline, Nadine Allen, Kay Baker, Ailsa Barnes, Clare Barry, Arthur Bawden, Paul Byrne, Joan Caldicott, Barbara Chapman, Lyn Chester, Dave D, Larry Daley, Audrey Dunning, Francisca Fearon, Daryl Frame, Bill Gard, Joyce Goodman, Paul Goodman, John Hardy, Terry Heath, Frank Hitchmough, Bob Irvine, Ruth Jennings, Ronald Johnson, Andrea Leach, David Long, Linda Mason, Ann Moore, Alan Murphy, Christine Perkins, Barbara Price, Brian Reynolds, Darren Reynolds, Mike Royden, Sue Rylands, Marged, Fionn Sendall, Beaty Smith, David Smith, Mavis Smith, Fred Thompson, Bill Tupman, Damian Walsh, Mr A Wescott, Craig Williams, John Williams, Dave Wood, Paul Young, and anyone else I may have missed.

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