This list contains details of over 4,300 teaching professionals.  Of these, a fair proportion are teaching music; others are running schools in their own houses. Once I’ve completed collection of detailed data I will be able to carry out some analysis.

At the moment I know that over 82% of those I have found were women.  As always, it must be noted that this is probably an under-estimate, as women do not always give an occupation.  However, this is less the case than in 1861 as by now most school teachers had some form of professional training.

In order to do later analysis, I have recorded people born in what we would today call Liverpool as Liverpool, for example those who give their birthplace as ‘Bootle’ are recorded as ‘Liverpool, Bootle’ and so on.

Sources for cross referencing include directories and school-based information, e.g. from schools’ log books.  People who use the site have also contributed a great deal.  Thanks to everyone!

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