Clarence St Pupil Teacher College was located - not surprisingly - on Clarence St, right next to Pleasant St school.  The site is now part of Liverpool Community College, in a brand new building. You can see the new Pleasant Street school building in the foreground too.


They kept amazing records.  From 1899 to 1905, the college recorded quite a lot of genealogically useful information about its pupil teachers.  Information is not recorded in the same level of detail for all students - for example, those enrolling 1905-1907, and those assigned to schools in Litherland and Seaforth, but it is nevertheless enormously useful.  Students were mostly in their late teens when they enrolled, and so even if date of birth is not given it is possible to work out approximate year of birth.  There is far less detail recorded on pupils who left after 1905, for some reason.

There are 1062 records here!  They are organised alphabetically at the front of the register, for 1899 - 1902.  Those who came later are listed under the separate schools; it is here that the detail is included.  I have transcribed all of the 1899 - 1902 names, and have got the detail from many of the school pages.  Staff in the Liverpool Record Office have been very patient indeed - thanks to to them!

ClarenceSt 080

Of the teachers listed, 95% were women.  Most came from Liverpool, but there was one from Edinburgh, and one who had attended boarding school on the Isle of Man.  Pupil teachers were often assigned to the school they had themselves attended.  For example of thirty listed at Anfield Rd, at least 16 had been pupils there themselves. There are some for whom previous school is not recorded, so it may be over 50%.

There were close links between the College and Liverpool and Bangor Universities.

My favourite name is Sunbeam HAWKES!  When I checked her on the 1901 census - living in Tranmere - I found she shared the middle name ‘Devonshire’ with her father.

I hope you find something useful.

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