I am gathering teachers from the 1894 and 1900 Gore’s Directories, and the Alan Godfrey Maps which have bits and pieces from the 1903 - 1907 Directories.  I have also come across quite a few whilst checking the Directory entries.  This means that this sample is skewed. For example, it is more likely that male teachers are listed in the directory, except where schools list staff. Therefore there are more males to check in the census, and so on.  I have taken a lot of entries from the Clarence St Pupil Teacher College records - many more women than men on this one.  Also now available for cross-checking is the partially indexed 1903 Education Board Handbook, which lists all of the staff in the Board Schools. It does not list staff from the Catholic, Wesleyan, Anglican or Hebrew schools - or indeed other denominational and / or private schools. This may also have an impact on the balance of groups represented.

Another complication is that women - particularly married women - do not always give an occupation in the census return. For example, Elizabeth BLACKBURN is listed as the Principal of a Girls’ School in Marlborough Rd, Tuebrook in 1900 and 1911, but gives no occupation in the census, although listed at this address.  As she was 72 in 1901, she was clearly a very remarkable woman!

At the moment, there are almost 1,650 records.  Overall, of the current sample, 72% are women, of whom many were married or widowed.  There are 4% Irish, 3.7% Scottish and just under 2% Welsh. There was a fair contingent from the Isle of Man. Quite a few teachers were born in America and Canada; others were born in India, Jamaica, France and Switzerland, as well as a couple of Russians. In contrast to earlier census, about 54% were born in the area governed by Liverpool City Council today. If you include Seaforth and Bootle, the proportion increases even further.

The list can be downloaded from here.

The ‘unchecked’ tab lists entries from directories and from the 1903 census which I’ve not yet checked.  I hope to move them over gradually - there are almost 1,000 at the moment!

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