Only a fraction of teachers actually registered, as registration was not compulsory.  For example, Cis (Anastasia) McNALLY registered, but her brother Joe COGHLAN and his closest friend (my grandfather) Fred NAYLOR did not. Lots of the staff at Liverpool Institute did - the majority, in fact.  Teachers at Queen Mary High School were also very likely to register. Where teachers registered, we gain a fantastic insight into their lives, skills and interests. Some of them worked all over the world, on exchanges to Canada and Australia.  They had an amazing range of certificates, in some cases.  The majority of women appear to be unregistered, by the small number with previous surnames.  it may be that women tended to leave work when they married, and those who went back did so because, like Anastasia McNALLY, they were widowed. Also, it appears that registration was more ‘popular’ after World War 1 - around 1920 or so.  Principals seem more likely to register than assistant teachers; perhaps because they stayed in the profession longer, or needed the registration for promotion.  All conjecture, I fear!

It is fascinating to plot teachers’ careers.  Some were very mobile, and others stayed in one school for their whole career. Many taught in South Africa, India and continental Europe.  Many of the teachers are recorded as pupil teachers earlier - either in the census, on Clarence St Teacher Training College records, or in the 1903 Handbook.  This extends the information even more.

I will be adding to this gradually, as I find certificates. There are 735 so far.  Originals can be found at Origins Network.  I am also including some teachers who trained in Liverpool. They will, after all, have spent lengthy periods in Liverpool schools, even though these are not recorded on the registrations. They will be in school records somewhere!

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