Gradually building this up.  The Handbook contains a huge amount of information about Board schools and teachers (see below for examples).  I’ve just finished indexing the teachers; there are 1,656; download the list from here.

This list tells us a lot about teachers in secular schools.  However, one might speculate that Mandel JACOBSEN, teaching at Rathbone near the heart of the Jewish community in Mount Pleasant was Jewish, or that Violet O’KEEFE was Catholic. Only their families will know!

Unfortunately, there is no equivalent that I have yet found for Archdiocesan and Diocesan schools, or non-conformist schools.  I shall keep on searching, though!

In addition to the schools, there are Cookery & Laundry Centres and Manual Instruction Centres. Particularly for Cookery and Laundry, teachers often served more than one local centre; for ease I have just listed one. Please contact me for further details on any individual.

I have carried out some initial analysis.  Just over 80% of those listed were women.  Apart from Alan WILLIAMS at Westminster Rd, all other infants’ teachers were women. Teachers in Intermediate Mixed sections were exclusively female, as were teachers in schools for the ‘mentally / physically and mentally defective’.  7% of teachers in Senior Boys’ Departments were female, but no men taught in Senior Girls’ Departments!

Thanks to:  Marj, Paul GOODMAN, Val GARNER, Lorraine FURLONG, Jane MARRIOTT and Tomas CHRISTIE for their help with the indexing.  This has made a huge difference!

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