Aigburth Vale High School was built by Liverpool School Board, and opened in 1909.  The school was located - not surprisingly - in Aigburth Vale. The 1930 Directory gives the address as Aigburth Vale, Lark Lane.  The postcard on the left was given to all pupils (including Beryl SHAVE in Form 4B, whose daughter Barbara sent it to me) from the Headteacher of the time, Jessica Lupton COATES.  Born in Birkenhead in 1878, she had been headteacher since 1908.  She was a linguist, gaining a degree at Oxford and studying in Leipzig and Jena in the late 1890s.


Writer Bel Mooney, born just after the end of World War II, says: I went to Northway Primary School and then passed the 11+ to go to Aigburth Vale Girls’ High School. This was old-fashioned state education and it served me very well indeed.”

Aigburth Vale High School closed in 1989 when it amalgamated with Quarry Bank to form Calderstones.

PASTLIVErpool has this interesting scrapbook.

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