Ranworth Sq

Ranworth Square


Originally listed as a ‘portable school’; cost about 2,500 to build


Albany Rd, Kensington


The school was named after the RATHBONE family.  A statue of Samuel RATHBONE can still be found in the Local Authority offices.  The school was at 56 Albany Rd, between Battenburg St and Connaught Rd. Caretaker John CARROLL living at no 54. This photo of the football team, taken in the 1930s, was sent to me by Brian REYNOLDS.  The school closed in 1998 and demolished in 2000.

Rawson Rd

Rawson Rd, Seaforth


Now closed; the site has recently been sold for redevelopment

Redbridge High

Sherwoods Lane, Fazakerley


Originally known as Longmoor Special School; renamed in 1998.

Rice Lane Walton

Lynwood Road (Infants);  Brockenhurst Rd (Juniors


Listed as one school in 1911 and 1916.  The Juniors’ has its own website.

Rimrose Hope

Sandy Lane, Seaforth


Formed from the amalgamation of William Gladstone CE and Beech Rd

Roberts Primary

Pennington Ave, Bootle


Possibly built in the 1930s.  Can’t find it listed in the 1930 directory; photos on the page date from the late 1940s.   Now amalgamated with Orrell Primary to form ‘Springwell Park’. Photos courtesy of Marged.

Roby CE (infants)



Built for 60 children; mistress was Mrs Martha ORRETT in 1894


Alison Rd (Infants);  Ballantyne Rd (Juniors);  Carsfield Rd (Senior Girls


Originally named Lisburn Lane School. Renamed in honour of William Roscoe - but not sure when! Roscoe Senior Boys Dept is listed  in Flemington Ave, Walton on the corner with Garsfield Rd in the 1938 Directory.   Juniors and Infants were in Garsfield Rd.  There was a senior school; separate infant and junior schools amalgamated 2008.  The Infants’ Department is in Alison Rd and the Juniors’ in Ballantyne Rd.  The school has an excellent history page on its own website.

Roscommon St

Roscommon St, Everton


There was a school on this site for many years; listed at Roscommon St in 1903. In 1936, the newly built Roscommon Senior School took children from Penrhyn St, Prince Edwin, Everton Terrace and St Peter’s CE which were to be run as a single group of schools.  The new school opened with 107 new admissions - presumably in addition to Roscommon children already there. The Secondary School closed in 1973, when the children transferred to John Hamilton Comprehensive.  The building was used by Mabel Fletcher College, then in 1980, Prince Edwin CP, Salisbury CP and Penrhyn CP amalgamated to form Roscommon Infants and Roscommon Juniors. Closed in the late 1980s,  but still housing council departments until 2000 or so.

Royal Institution School

Seel St


Listed in 1859


Rudston Road


School is approaching its 75th anniversary.  LRO holds records from 1938; the school probably opened late 1920s / early 1930s. Currently separate infant and junior schools.  The school have their own websites - Infants’ and Juniors’.


Roughwood Drive, Northwood, Kirkby


This was one of the first purpose-built comprehensive schools in the country; opened in the late 1950s.  My ex-colleague Mike SIMM taught Modern Foreign Languages here in the 1990s

Runnymede Catholic

Sandfield Park, West Derby


Originally part of the Catholic Institute and then St Edward’s College.  Became a separate school when the college moved to West Derby.

Rupert Rd

Rupert Rd, Huyton


Listed in 1955 Directory as a Secondary Modern School. Listed as Huyton / Huyton with Roby

Sacred Heart Catholic

Mount Vernon


Originally located in Mount Vernon, linked to the Convent of Mercy (founded 1843).  Possibly known as St Thomas at this time - that is the only Catholic school listed in the area in the 1873 Directory. Now on Hall Lane, near the site of the church. The Primary Department is still there, in a new building (well, 1973!).  The Girls’ Secondary Modern opened in 1966 and closed in 1983.  Headteacher, Pat BELVISI, transferred to the newly formed Our Lady of Fatima High School with the children.  The Primary School has its own website.

Salesian College

Stanley Rd, Bootle


Bootle Education Committee

Salesian Grammar School

Netherton Way


Boys’ Grammar School

Salisbury Rd

Salisbury Rd, Bootle


This photo from 1963/64 was sent in by Pam in Southern India, via Marj.

Salisbury St

Salisbury St


Formerly known as St Augustine's CE; a new building was opened in 1920.  The school closed in 1980.  The building was used as a furniture store but subsequently demolished.

Sandfield Park

Sandfield Walk


A special school in West Derby; Mary COGHLAN was Acting Head for some time in the 1990s. The school now also serves the children at Alder Hey and the Home Teaching Service.

Savio Catholic High School

Netherton Way, Bootle


Catholic High School in Bootle, run by the Salesians of Don Bosco. Dates approximate.  Formerly Salesian Grammar School for Boys.

School of Manual Instruction

Rickman St, Kirkdale



Seafield Convent School

Liverpool Rd, Crosby


Seafield House was built in 1882 as a hydro, but was not successful and was taken over by the sisters of the Sacred Heart of Mary in 1884.  They opened a school there and remained until 1908 when they moved to new premises in Liverpool Rd - they took the name with them.  Alumni include Cherie BLAIR. Amalgamated with St Bede’s to form Sacred Heart College in 1976.  Scott MURPHY runs an excellent site with many photos. 

Seamen’s Orphanage

Newsham Park


The orphanage had its own school.  It became the Royal Liverpool Seamen’s Orphanage after a royal visit.

Sefton County Primary

Brickwall Lane, Sefton Village


Costs of building the school and the teacher’s house were met by the Earl of Sefton.  The school consisted of a mixed and infant schoolroom.  John HOBSON was schoolmaster in 1911.  The school catered for 140 children; average attendance in 1905 was 96.

Sefton Park High Schools

Arundel Avenue


Headmistress - Miss Ellen CURTIS in 1911.  See St Hilda’s

Sefton Park

Smithdown Rd


Corner of Bagot St. Primary and Secondary schools.  In 1903, there were temporary schools for Infants and Junior pupils at Greenbank Rd (Morrison).  At one time known as The Holt Schools (1911); principal in 1911 was Charles BAILEY MA.  Reverted to Sefton Park after the Holt relocated to Childwall.  Now demolished, replaced by a supermarket.

Shaw St Special School

Shaw St


The houses at numbers 111 and 113 Shaw St were specially adapted to meet the needs of children described as: ‘physically and mentally defective’.  Premises previously a Pupil Teacher Centre.

Sheil Rd

Sheil Rd


An Iron building; linked with Butler St. Capacity about 450 originally - Juniors and Infants. Still listed in 1911, on Shiel Rd between Bigham Rd and Phillimore Rd. Anthony GEE attended 1950-55. He remembers the Headteacher as Ronald LASCELLES.  In 1911, he was aged 18, so must have retired shortly after Anthony’s time.  See also Newsham and Fairfield

Sherlock St

Sherlock St


Listed in 1911


Dingle Vale


At one time there were departments housed in Dingle Vale, Garston, Toxteth and Wellington Rd.  In 1992, Mr K POYSER was head; Dingle Vale housed the Upper School and Toxteth Annexe the Lower School. 

South Corporation Industrial Day School

Northumberland St


Separate infant and junior schools (Corporation South) in 1859.  Matron in 1900 was Miss Robina FRASER. Transferred to the Liverpool School Board as Park Lane Industrial Day School in 1872;  the accommodation was said to be 'scarcely adequate' in 1878 when the school was certified.  At some point, 7 houses adjacent to the school were purchased and pulled down to provide playgrounds.  Listed in 1903 and in 1911; close to Park Lane.  Closed either before or just after the Great War. 

South Liverpool School for Girls

Alexandra Drive, Sefton Park


Corner with Sandringham Drive. Mistress in 1911 - Miss Frances E BEVAN

Special School for Mentally Defective Girls

Allerton Priory


Catered for girls under the age of 15 - later became mixed. Closed before World War 2

Speke Comprehensive

Central Avenue (Upper School); Stapleton Avenue (Lower School)


Formerly Speke Secondary Modern, now Parklands.  For photos, see Tom Ryder’s site.


Danefield Road


The school has gone through a number of name changes - but the name ‘Springwood’ has featured in all of them; changed from Gilmour Springwood to Springwood in 1974.  The school has created a website about its history (click on school name).  There are lots of interesting resources located there. It recently amalgamated with Harold Magnay School and is called Springwood Heath

Stanley Rd Board School

Stanley Rd


On the corner with Lemon Street, at the south end of Stanley Rd.  Average attendance in 1903, over 1,100.  At the time, the school had no fewer than 4 Headteachers - Senior Boys, Senior Girls, Juniors and Infants.  None of the staff listed had been at the school longer than 9 years; most of them had been there fewer than 3.  Geoff’s Grandfather John WALKER received a medal for "marked regularity of attendance and general good conduct during four years" dated 1887.

St Agnes Catholic

Oak Vale, Broadgreen


Secondary Modern Catholic Girls' School.  Closed in 1983 ; amalgamated with Broughton Hall.  The Head, Mrs JONES, retired.

St Agnes Catholic Primary

St John’s Rd, Huyton


In 1938 and 1955, it was listed as a Primary School in Hall Lane, Huyton Quarry.  Thanks to John YATES, we now have some information about the school! 

St Agnes School of Domestic Science

Boundary St


Corner with Seel St

St Aidan’s School



The school was opened by Cardinal Godrey; the first Headteacher was Miss FAULKNER.  The Junior School was opened in 1960  by Archbishop Heenan.  Mr RAMOS was the Head.  When the Blue Bell and Mosscroft Estates were built, the schools became overcrowded with classes in the corridors and the Infants’ canteen. The 1st Yr Juniors (Year 3) school were taken to St Mary's Annexe in Hall Lane, Huyton Quarry and a hut was built behind the church and used as three classrooms for the Infants school; this was called St Anthony's, after Fr. Anthony Antrobus.  (information from the parish website)

St Alban's Catholic School

Boundary St


A new school opened in Boundary St, corner with Hawkshaw St in 1860. The LRO holds plans dated 1865.  Listed as St Albans in the 1873 Directory. The building later became Bond St Mixed Day Industrial School. Liverpool Record Office holds information for this school and St Augustine’s from 1869-1960.  There was a new building in 1971.  Amalgamated with St Gerard’s and St Alphonsus in 1991 on the St Gerard’s site?

St Alexander's Catholic

St John's Rd, Kirkdale


Built for about 700 pupils, this school seems to have had over 1,000 pupils in 1911. Very close to Brasenose St.  Closed in 1991.

St Aloysius Catholic

Twig Lane, Huyton


In the 1938 Directory, listed as ‘Under Construction’.  Listed in 1955 as both Secondary Modern and Primary schools.

St Alphonsus Catholic

Back Great Mersey St


Built for 1,300 pupils in the Stanley Rd area.  A Catholic school, now a Nursery.  A new building was opened in 1952; the school amalgamated with St Alban’s and St Gerard’s in 1991, to form St Gerard’s Catholic Primary School.

St Ambrose Barlow Catholic

Queen’s Drive, Broadgreen


Blessed Ambrose Barlow until the late 1970s / early 1980s.  Frank HITCHMOUGH attended in the 1960s.  The school was near Mill Bank at the top of Queen’s Drive.  Frank remembers the first Headteacher, Mr J J McCANN who was the first teacher he and his friends had ever seen wearing a gown.  Closed in 1983.  The Head at the time, Mr HARDMAN, went as Headteacher to Archbishop Beck and the children to Our Lady of Fatima.

St Ambrose Barlow Catholic

Copy Lane, Bootle


Cannot find dates for this school, but it is still open.

St Ambrose Catholic Primary

Alderfield Drive Speke


The Juniors was built in 1957; the schools amalgamated under the headship of Rose BOYLE in 1991. Very close to the border - right on the edge of Speke.

St Andrew's Free CE School

Fleet St


Near the junction with Slater St, one of the oldest schools in the city. Listed in 1827, when Mr MOULD was the schoolmaster. Marked on the 1848 map of the city centre. Listed in Slater's 1859 Directory. Schoolmaster James BOOTH, schoolmistress Jane DOYLE.

St Anne (Stanley) CE

Derby Lane, Stoneycroft


Listed as separate Infant and Junior Schools in Slater's 1859 Directory. Average attendance in 1900 about 700 pupils.

St Anne's Catholic Primary

Goulden St, Edge Hill

Overbury St


Run by the Notre Dame order, originally located in Goulden St.  The church opened in 1846. Liverpool Record Office holds plans dated 1871.  The Primary School was rebuilt in 1955, the Girls’ Secondary Modern in 1970 and the Boys’ Secondary Modern in 1952. Glamorous mystery teacher Mrs B taught there in the late 1960s remembers many teachers, including Sister Mary Edith.  She remembers that at playtime the children played in the street, and had to be summoned by the bell if a car turned into the street.  The current school is on the site of the Girls’ Secondary Modern; the Boys’ Secondary Modern became Nugent Boys’ school which closed in 1993 and now houses the Christian Fellowship School.

St Anne's Industrial School for Roman Catholic Girls

Mason St, Edge Hill


Apparently, in a house on Mason St (may have been constructed by Joseph WILLIAMSON, ‘mole of Edge Hill).  Near Grinfield St, previously occupied by Rev Dr RAFFLES, pastor of Great George St chapel.  Moved to Freshfield in 1886 for 150 girls.  Very close to Goulden St - different order.  Closed in 1922 when the premises were taken over by St. George's Boys Industrial School. Run by Sisters of Charity

St Anne’s RC School



Linked to St Agnes and St Aidan’s

St Anne's National School

Aigburth Vale


No 18 Aigburth Vale, near the junction with Elmswood Rd. Richard DAGLISH has given me lots of information about this school!   The building was completed in June 1839 and the Infants’ building in 1855.  In 1900, average attendance was about 450 pupils. By the 1930s, numbers were declining.  The school finally closed in the early 1960s; the buildings were demolished.

St Anthony of Padua Catholic

Green Lane, Wavertree

Sands Road, Mossley Hill



Originally in Green Lane, off Woolton Rd in the building which now houses Our Lady’s Bishop Eton.  Listed there in 1911 as Convent )St Anthony’s) of Mercy, high class day school.  Principal then was the Mother Superior.

St Anthony's Catholic

Newsham Street, Scotland Rd


This was one of the earliest Catholic churches in Liverpool:  ancestors of mine were baptised there in the late 1820s.  The presbytery is in Newsham St too. The school was founded by Father Newsham, and grew and grew!  The school shelter was bombed in December 1940:  a lot of people were killed.  There is not much of Newsham St left – only a few yards, the Presbytery and new housing built at the bottom.  The school closed in the 1990s when it amalgamated with St Sylvester’s to form Mother Teresa on the St Silvester St site.

St Athanasius CE

Chancel St


Between Easby Rd and Fountains Rd. Listed as Chancel St and Fonthill Rd.  Close to St James the Less, St Aidan's and St Mary's.  Listed in Fonthill Rd in 1938.

St Augustine's Catholic Primary

Upper William St 


off Great Howard St, also listed in Stone St.  Near the docks.  Could accommodate 900 pupils. St. Augustine's the "Martyrs’ Church" was opened by Bishop Sharples and Morris on 9 September 1849 as a chapel of ease to St. Mary's, Highfield Street.  There was St Augustine's Cookery School in Little Howard St in 1911 Directory. Liverpool Record Office holds log books etc. for St Augustine’s and St Alban’s  from 1869 - 1960.

St Augustine's CE

Salisbury St


The new school (erected in 1853) could accommodate 250 boys,  250 girls and 500 infants.  Known as Salisbury St School from about 1912.  Not sure when the school closed.

St Augustine of Canterbury



The first phase was opened by Cardinal Heenan; the first Head was Mr SMART.  The school closed and was replaced by St Thomas a Beckett, which opened on the same site.

St Augustine’s Secondary Modern




St Austin's Catholic

Aigburth Rd Grassendale


New schools were opened in 1843, and subsequently in 1857. Originally accommodated only 68 pupils; now a much larger school. Also sited at Riverbank Rd. There are links with St Vincent’s via the Challoner / Chaloner family, who funded the Church.

St Barnabas CE

Greenland St


Listed in Slater's Directory in 1859. LRO holds plans for buildings in Flint St and Greenland St in the Jamaica St area. This indicates that the schools were rebuilt at some point.  Plans are undated.  Still listed in Greenland St, on its corner with Flint St,  in 1873. 

St Bartholomew’s CE

Naylor St


Listed in Slater’s 1859 Directory.  LRO holds plans for school building. At one time there was a separate infants.

St Benedict's CE

Kepler St, Everton


In 1900, date given as 1899 - if my eyesight isn't failing completely! In 1903, attendance of over 300 pupils.  LRO has admission and withdrawal registers from 1897 - 1929 and Account books for 1903 - 1937. Lancashire OPC site has pupil records for 1901-1921

St Benet's Catholic

Copy Lane, Netherton



St Bernard's Catholic Primary

Kingsley Rd, Toxteth Park


The mission was established in 1883 and in March 1884 a School-Chapel was opened on the upper floor of the school in Kingsley Road, on land purchased from the Earl of Sefton. Listed as 82 Alt St in the 1911 Directory.  A new Infants’ building was erected in 1969 and the schools were remodelled in 1977. Closed in  1998.

St Bonaventure's

Cedar Road Walton


Now known as Archbishop Beck.  My father taught here in the 1970s; Headteacher then was Mike  COLEMAN. I also remember Dom CAPALDI and Margaret MOONEY.

St Bride's CE

Grey St, Toxteth Park


Located between Avison St and Watson St.  Listed as separate infant and junior schools in 1859; and as a plural (St Bride’s National Schools) in 1873.  By 1903 listed as one single school.  Average attendance in 1900 was about 500, rising to over 650 in 1903.

St Bridget's Catholic Primary

Limekiln Lane


Could accommodate 1,000 pupils.  Liverpool Record Office holds school plans.  Backed on to Bevington Hill; marked on 1906 map. My mother - then Pauline NAYLOR - taught here in the 1950s and still remembers the toilets in the yard - for pupils and staff alike! She taught ‘top infants’. She remembers that the Reception teacher was Angela O’DOWD and the Headteacher was called Rose. 

St Bridget's CE

Bagot St, Wavertree


Also known as Wavertree. Corner of Bagot St and Lawrence Rd. Enlarged in 1890. Frank GOODMAN was headteacher until April 1954, when he moved to another headship in Buckinghamshire. The Headteacher before him was Norman PEMBERTON.

St Brigid’s RC Primary

Waterpark Drive, Stockbridge Village


The original St Brigid’s parish was in the Scotland Rd area.  The church closed in 1967 and was demolished in the building of the Kingsway Tunnel. A new parish was opened in Cantrill Farm - now called Stockbridge Village. The original building was destroyed by fire in 1985; the current building was completed in 1988.

St Brigid’s

Sylvester St


Originally known as Archbishop Whiteside; close to St Sylvester’s church. I wonder if it was named after the parish of St Brigid’s in Bevington Bush, a mile or so away, which had closed some 15 years before?   The school closed in the 1990s.

St Catherine’s Catholic Secondary Modern

Heriot St


Closed in 1983.  The Headteacher, Mrs CAHILL, went to Archbishop Beck.  Effectively amalgamated with St John’s Collegiate to form Notre Dame High School.

St Catherine’s CE

Cambridge St


Corner with Arrad St.  Listed as separate Infant and Junior Schools in 1859.  LRO holds plans for buildings in Uxbridge St / Barker St and Moorgate St dated 1866.  Just listed as schools in 1873. Also listed as St Catherine’s Edge Hill, I think.

St Cecilia's Catholic Infants

Snafell Avenue


The Infants started off in this ‘annexe’, which was originally the church. They now have more modern accommodation on Snaefell Avenue! The two schools still share dining facilities.

St Cecilia's Catholic Juniors

Green Lane, Stoneycroft


Church dates from 1905. The Junior school is a much older building, but has been refurbished over the years.  All mod cons available! The parish site has a history of the church and school

St Chad's CE

Walton Breck Rd, Everton


In connection with Walton Lane School, rented from the trustees of St Chad’s Church. In 1903 there were 3 teachers and 120 or so pupils. 1938 - listed on the corner of Walton Breck Rd and Everton Valley,next to St Chad’s Church and Hall.   I wonder if this became Major Lester Primary School?

St Chad’s

School Lane, Kirby


Built by Lord Sefton

St Charles' Catholic Primary

Aigburth Rd, Toxteth Park


Originally built to accommodate 99 pupils. Corner of Tramway Rd, which is now the address. Also Little Sisters of the Poor.  The school has its own website.

St Christopher's RC Primary

Tarbock Road, Speke


The Infants’ School in Stapleton Avenue opened in 1950 and the Juniors in 1954. They amalgamated in 2003.  The school has its own website.

St Chrysostom's CE

Mill Rd, Everton


Connected to St George’s Church, Everton and as such supervised by Rev BUDDICOM.  In 1854, the schools were formally made over to the congregation of St Chrysostom’s Church. Probably enlarged in the mid 1850s (LRO holds plans). 1900 - average attendance just under 500 pupils.  Linked with Emmanuel - the parishes amalgamated in the mid 20th Century

St Clare's Catholic

Garmoyle Rd


In 1903, attended by over 400 pupils.  Currently located in Garmoyle Close.  This is an unusual situation, as the school is quite a way from the church.

St Clement’s

Upper Stanhope St


Liverpool Record Office holds plans for Upper Stanhope St / Church St, Toxteth Park. Ken ROBERTS has given me a lot of help with this school.  The names of the streets changed - Upper Stanhope St became Beaumont St and Church St became Dove St.  An infants building was erected in 1863.  The Juniors closed in 1934; the infants re-opened after the war as Dove St Infants, closing in 1997.

St Cleopas CE

Beresford Rd Toxteth Park


Corner with Mill St.  Over 1,000 pupils on role in 1894!  LRO holds plans dated 1869. Possibly linked to Beresford Rd Ragged School.

St Columba’s Catholic

Hillside Rd, Huyton


Not listed in the 1930s; listed in the 1955 Directory of Liverpool at The White House, Knowsley Lane and Primrose Drive. Secondary Modern and Primary schools.  The school has a current website thanks Mr DUNNE!

St Columba's CE

Pleasant St, Liverpool


Could be linked to Hibernian Free School or Pleasant St Board School.

St Cuthbert's Catholic

Aviemore Road, Old Swan


First Headteacher was Anastasia McNALLY, sister of the parish priest of St Oswald’s and Joe COGHLAN of St Sylvester’s and Our Lady of Good Help in Wavertree.

St Cyril’s Catholic

Southbrook Rd, Netherley


Or, to give the school its full title, St Cyril’s of Jerusalem. Closed in 1991; I guess the children moved to St Gregory’s - anyone know?

St David's College

Mold, Clwyd


Liverpool Catholic Reformatory Association

St Dominic’s Catholic

Southdean Rd, Huyton


Named after St Dominic Savio, a member of the Salesian order.  The church was built in 1938. Separate Infant and Junior Schools.

St Dunstan's

Earle Rd, Edge Hill


Temporary school for Junior Boys- in connection with Earle Rd. The building was rented from the Church.

St Edmund’s CE

Colquitt St                 Devonshire Rd


CE Mixed Secondary School.  Became a girls only school around 1912.  Moved from Colquitt St around 1925; merged with Liverpool Girls’ College to form Archbishop Blanch in 1981.

St Edmund’s RC

Oxford Rd, Waterloo, Seaforth


Properly St Edmund of Canterbury. School attended by Cherie BLAIR (nee BOOTH) before she went on to Seafield Convent. Now amalgamated with St Thomas

St Edward's Catholic College

St Domingo Rd, Everton


Opened as a seminary Listed in 1859, run by a religious order. When the seminary moved to Upholland in 1920, the site was taken over by the Catholic Institute, who also took on the name.  Moved to Sandfield Park,  West Derby in 1938.  Prep school is Runnymede.  For lots of information and photos of St Edward’s in the 1950s, see Joseph CHAMBERLAIN’s excellent site.

St Edward’s

Thomas Lane, Broadgreen


Secondary Modern, listed as a Huyton School in the 1955 Directory

St Elizabeth's Catholic Institute

Breckfield Rd, South


Listed in the 1873 Directory.  Run by the Sisters of Mercy, on donations. Purpose was instructing and training girls from 6 - 16 years of age for domestic service.  In 1938, Brother Oswald is listed as the principal.  At that time it was described as St Elizabeth’s Boys’ Central School.  Later became Cardinal Godfrey

St Elizabeth's Catholic

Webster St, Litherland



St Finbar's Catholic

South Hill Road


Very close to Shorefields and Matthew Arnold.

St Francis de Sales

Hale Rd, Walton


Described in LRO records as a 'school chapel'.  Now separate infants (Margaret Rd, opened in 1875) and juniors (Carisbrook Rd). The Junior Girls opened in 1886 and the Boys in 1895.  ‘Remodelled’ in 1995 when the Junior Boys and Junior Girls amalgamated.

St Francis of Assisi Catholic

Earp St, Garston


Formerly known as Garston RC.  Listed in 1911 at Chapel St, next to the Red Lion Hotel as well as in Earp St

St Francis Xavier Catholic High

Salisbury St


Founded by the Jesuits, although records suggest that the original site was Albert St, Paddington and was run by the Sisters of Mercy. The Select was in Shaw St.  Now located in Beaconsfield Rd, Woolton.  At one stage used the old Cardinal Newman buildings on Queen's Drive Childwall as a lower school.

St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary

Langsdale St (Juniors); Haigh St (Infants)


Liverpool Record Office holds plans for the building in Haigh St. Frank HITCHMOUGH attended the Infants’ School in the early 1950s, and remembers it being very dark!  In 1981 there were three separate schools:  Junior Boys (Head - Miss J McCALLUM), Junior Girls (Head - Miss M GILLHAM) and Infants (Miss G P LOFTUS).  The schools amalgamated with The Friary Primary in 1982, and the buildings reverted to the Archdiocese.

St Francis Xavier’s Ragged School

Blandford St


Listed in the 1873 Directory, next but one to St Mary Magdalene’s School between Gildart St and Falkland St, between London Rd and Islington.

St Gabriel's CE

Huyton Quarry


Church of England Infant School; Junior Department in the 1960s.  Apparently Rex HARRISON attended St Gabriel's.

St George of England

Fernhill Rd, Bootle


This photo from the late 1960s (I think) was sent by Pam in Southern India, via Marj.  Thanks to both!

St George’s Catholic Boys’ Secondary Modern

Mill Rd, Dingle


Closed in the Catholic Reorganisation in 1983; children transferred to Nugent Boys’ High School. The Headteacher at the time, Mr M DUFFY, went on to Our Lady of Fatima.  The building was later demolished.

St George's CE Infants

Mere St, Everton


In 1859 there were St Georges' in Mill Road, Everton Crescent and Everton Valley.  Street now called Mill Lane - off Heyworth St

St George's CE

Heyworth St, Everton


LRO holds plans dated 1871. The school is listed in the 1873 Directory, next to the Church.  In 1894,  the Head was Heming George HAMPTON (listed at St Martin's Blenheim St in 1859). The school had a new building in 1899 and by 1900 had nearly 1,400 pupils.  Closed in the late 1990s when it amalgamated with Everton Park to form The Beacon Primary

St George's CE

Northumberland Terrace, Everton


Church and Schools listed here in 1911; corner with Grecian Terrace.  Amalgamated with Everton Park to become The Beacon, in 1997.

St George's Roman Catholic Boys’ Industrial School

West Derby Rd


The school was founded by nuns (Belgian, apparently) Everton Flags, Everton Terrace Certified in 1861 for 275 boys and some girls.  In 1863 moved to West Derby Road, the former Fever Hospital.  Became boys only in 1867; the girls went to St George's in Freshfield.  From 1933 it became an Approved School.

St George's Industrial School

Everton Crescent


In 1858 it was called St George's Industrial Lace School. Closed in 1862.  Infants' School listed in 1859 at Mill Rd. Also listed at Mill Rd and Everton Crescent.  Supported by Father James NUGENT

St George’s Girls’ Industrial School

Fairfield St


Listed in 1873, on the corner with Prescot Rd

St Gerard’s Catholic

Boundary St, Everton


Closed in 2002, when it amalgamated with other local schools to form The Trinity.  There was also a school of Domestic Science in Collingwood St, teacher - Mrs E TULLEY.  Amalgamated with St Alphonsus and St Alban’s in 1991, retaining the name St Gerard’s.

St Gregory's Catholic Primary

Montreal Road, Netherley


The Juniors opened a year later, in 1972 and the schools subsequently amalgamated.  Mrs MELIA and  DUNNE think that part of the building in the photo is no longer standing.  The houses beyond the school, in the background, have also gone.

St Gregory’s Catholic Secondary

Prince Edwin St, Everton


Closed in 1981 when the girls transferred to St John’s and the boys to Campion, which took over the building.  It was judged that the Campion building would  require too much investment at the time, and as the role at St Gregory’s was falling...  The Head at the time, Mr CROWLEY, retired through ill health.

St Hilda’s CE High School

Croxteth Drive


Dates approximate.  Originally Sefton Park High School for Young Ladies

St Hugh’s Catholic

Earle Rd


Was originally linked with a convent. The infants were located in Cadogan Square until 1985 when the building was demolished, and they moved onto the Earle Rd site with the juniors. Sister Camillus was Headteacher of the infants in the 1970s, when my mother Pauline ROBERTS taught here.

St James' Catholic

Chesnut Grove, Bootle


The parish was founded in 1845, and there was a Ragged Industrial School listed in Chesnut St in 1859.  St James' is marked on 1906 map. The 1911 Directory also lists a Select School in Sea View Rd. Now amalgamated with St Winifride’s as All Saints.

St James' CE

St James' Rd


Originally a Charity School, one of the oldest in Liverpool. Built for about 632! LRO holds plans dated 1848 and 1852. Average attendance in 1900 was 540 pupils. In 1908 the Corporation assumed possession of the school which was then carried on as a Council School. A new school building was opened in 1911 and the school last appears in the 'Liverpool Directory' for 1949

St James the Less CE

Hankin St (boys); Athol St (girls & infants)


Listed in Kelly's 1894 Directory.  National Schools; next to the Bridewell and Fire Station.  The school closed in 1967 and the pupils transferred to Our Lady & St Nicholas School in Blenheim St / Sylvester St

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