Abbot's Lea

Beaconsfield Rd, Woolton


Special School

Abbotsford Rd Secondary Modern

Abbotsford Rd


This photo was taken in 1951 -girl in the middle of the front row is Linda GIBSON.  Amalgamated with Ellergreen Commercial Technical College in 1967, to become Ellergreen Comprehensive.  Changed its name to Carr Lane Comprehensive until it closed in 1986.  Used by Wellesbourne School until their new building became available.

Abercromby Nursery

Falkner St


Board School.  Looks like a 1970s building.

Ackers Hall

Maidford Rd


Listed as an Elementary School in the 1938 Directory - later re-named Maidford

Addison St Industrial

Addison St


Board School.  Industrial School; entrance in Alexander Pope St next to the Brittania. About 300 mixed pupils. Photo courtesy of Liverpool Record Office. Closed in 1935.

Aigburth CE School



Gores 1911 lists it as built in 1907. but the LRO has the minute book for June 1876 - July 1885.  See St Anne's

Aigburth Vale High School

Aigburth Vale


Board School.  Closed 1985, when it amalgamated with Quarry Bank to form  Calderstones.  The building was used until its demolition.

Aintree Davenhill

Aintree Lane


Recently celebrated its Golden Jubilee.

Aintree Hospital School




Aintree School

Aintree Village


On 1850 maps, there is a school marked near the junction of Aintree Lane, Wango Lane and Bull Bridge Lane. Listed under Lancashire County Council in 1911 - average attendance under 100.  Not sure what the relationship was with the school in Melling Rd, which was not far away at all.  


Melling Rd


It was close to the Blue Anchor Inn.   It was still there in 1907 by the Blue Anchor, although listed as Melling Rd.  Schoolmaster - Richard RIMMER. This section of road is now called School Lane. Not sure how close this is to the site of Aintree Davenhill.  Listed under Liverpool City Council in 1911.  On roll at that time were almost 40 boys, 40 girls and 115 senior pupils. 

Akbar Reformatory Ship

Rock Ferry, Wirral


Board School.  Liverpool Juvenile Reformatory Association. A retired Navy ship - the Akbar - catered for 200 boys.  It became Heswall  Nautical School in about 1905 and moved onto dry land! Eventually it was renamed the Akbar Nautical Approved School


Alderwood Avenue, Speke


Opened August 1953 to serve the Speke estate.  Closed about 2002 when it amalgamated with Millwood to form Middlefield.

Alexander Pope St Day Industrial

Alexander Pope St


Board School.  Same as Addison St?

Alice Elliot School for the Deaf

Childwall Lane


Board School.  Now called Ashfield School. Alice Elliot herself used to live by us in Childwall Rd. The school looks like a 1960s / 1970s building (see photo, courtesy of Liverpool Register Office).

All Hallows Catholic Secondary

Alderwood Rd, Speke


My uncle, Bill NAYLOR, taught here in the 1970s.  Closed in 1983 in the Catholic Reorganisation when the Girls’ and Boys’ schools amalgamated to form Pope John Paul School.  Head of the Boys’ School, joined the staff of the new school.  Girls’ Head, Ms P MULLEN, went to work for another Authority. 

All Saints' Catholic

Oakfield (Infants); Townsend Lane (Juniors, Secondary)


Originally a building which could accommodate the school children on the ground floor with the church on the floor above. Infants and Juniors recently amalgamated..

All Saints' CE

Great Newton St


Listed as separate infants' and junior school in Slater's Directory in 1859; about 400 mixed Juniors and Infants. Still listed in 1911.

All Saints’ CE



The Church was consecrated in 1876.  The school is marked next to the church on the map of 1904.  It was part of the Speke Hall estate. There is some fascinating information on this web-page. The school closed in 1940, when the children moved to Stocktonwood! 

All Souls Catholic

Collingwood St


Originally run by the Sisters of Notre Dame; master was James McCLUSKEY in the mid 19th Century.  Marked on 1906 map. About 600 children attended daily in 1911.  Still listed as Sisters of Notre Dame in the 1938 Directory, but schoolmaster listed as John McCLUSKEY..  

All Souls' National

Eaton St, Vauxhall


1900 - about 300 pupils of junior age. LRO holds plans of building.  Marked on 1906 map.

Allenby Square Nursery



Listed in telephone directories.  Closed in 2003; staff and pupils transferred to St Cuthbert’s.

Allerton Primary School

Booker's Cottages, Greenhill Rd, Allerton


Founded by Margaret BOOKER, daughter of Josiah.  This philanthropic family owned much land locally, and had business interests overseas. They developed many local businesses and also built St Anne’s Church in Aigburth.  In 1911, the schoolmistress was Miss M MACKIE.  and the average attendance was under 50!  Listed under Lancashire County Council, not Liverpool.  The school was demolished in the late 1930s and replaced by Booker Avenue schools.

Allerton Priory

Allerton Rd


Opposite St Barnabas Church on the corner with Elm Hall Drive and Penny Lane - listed in 1938 as a ‘Special School for Mental Defectives’.

Alsop High School

Queens Drive, Walton


The Upper School was built 1926, the lower school 1956.  Both were called Walton until they were renamed in the late 1990s.  More photos on Brian Griffiths’ site.  You can also find memories on the Alsopian site.  Gerard Houlier once taught here.

Anfield Comprehensive

Priory Road


At one time known as Stanley Rd Secondary Modern School.  George tells me there was some rivalry with Anfield Rd School, just up Arkles Lane!  Now known as North Liverpool Academy.

Anfield Rd

Anfield Rd, Anfield


Board School.  1900 - average attendance over 1 200. Listed as Walton-on-the-Hill Council Schools in 1911. Famous former pupil: Bessie Braddock, who left at the age of 15 in 1914.

Archbishop Blanch CE

Mount Vernon Rd


On the site of the former Liverpool Girls' Reformatory I think.  Originally, based in Toxteth near Bellerive. Moved to to the old Paddington site in the mid 1990s.

Archbishop Whiteside RC

Silvester St


Named after Thomas Whiteside, Catholic Bishop of Liverpool from 1894 to 1911 and first Archbishop of Liverpool, from 1911 until his death in 1921. He had attended St Edward’s College as a boy.  The school was renamed St Brigid’s High School in 1982-3, and eventually closed in 1993.  Thanks to Ron FORMBY of the Scottie Press for this photo - and the address!

Arnot St

Arnot St, Walton


Built by Walton School Board, and transferred to Liverpool School Board in 1896. Gwladys St originally was connected with this school, according to the 1903 manual.. 


Arundel Ave

Greenbank Rd                         



Arundel Central School for Girls is listed in the 1938 Directory in Arundel Ave. Arundel Comprehensive was formed in 1966 from the closure of several other schools, including Princes Park Secondary Modern.  Closed in 1980 due to falling rolls.  The Acting Head, Mrs LITTLE, went to Paddington Comprehensive, as did most of the pupils. The Greenbank wing was used by Mabel Fletcher College; closed 1980s. Arundel Avenue building used by Archbishop Blanch until 1993.

Ashfield St

Ashfield St


Board School.  1900 - average attendance over 782.  This certificate was awarded in 1909.

Aspen Grove

Aspen Grove, Lodge Lane, Toxteth


Originally Church of England, became a Board school later on. The Liverpool Record office holds log books from 1883, so assuming this as a time of opening.

Aughton Rd

Aughton Rd, Bootle


Listed as an elementary school in the 1938 Directory

Balfour Institute

Balfour Institute


Board School.  Teachers registered there in 1898, so opened before then!

Balliol School

Quarry Rd, Bootle


Listed as an elementary school for boys and girls in 1938.  The school was nearly destroyed in the Blitz. Head in the early 1950s was apparently ‘Gunner MILLS’ (according to a chat site!).  Combined with Bootle Girls’ Grammar to form Hillside High School in 1972.  Premises were finally vacated in 1987 when the school moved to a new building on Breeze Hill

Balm St

Balm Street


Temporary Board School - in connection with Butler St

Bank View

Sherwoods Lane, Fazakerley


A special school, formed from the amalgamation of Mersey View and Meadow Bank schools. John LUXTON tells me that Meadow Bank originally opened about 1964 as a girls’ special school.  Boys were admitted from the early 1970s. The school has a very good website.

Bankfield Girls’ School



Board School.  Closed in 1975 when it amalgamated with Holly Lodge High to form Holly Lodge Comprehensive.  The Head at the time was Mrs BRIDGE.  The building is currently used by Lister Drive Infants.

Bankhall Institute

Stanley Rd, Kirkdale


Leased from Bankhall Girls’ Institute for the education of Junior Girls and Infants; in connection with Daisy St school.

Bankhall Girls’ Institute

Stanley Rd, Kirkdale


Listed in Kelly's 1894 Directory; in the 1911 Directory, the date is given as 1895, so perhaps this was a new building.  At one point linked with Daisy St.  The photo is from the flickr website (exacta2a). Cannot link directly for some reason.

Banks Rd

Banks Rd Garston


Board School.  In 1906, separate to St Michael's (Garston) National School. Holy Trinity had not been built at that point.   Listed as Elijah Terrace, Banks Rd in 1911.  Photo from Liverpool City Council archive


Barlows Lane Walton


Junior Mixed originally housed in temporary buildings; the Infants’ Department was built in 1924. This class photo is dated 1957 - thanks to Dave Long. The teacher in the picture is Miss CLIMO who later became Head of St Anne’s Stanley.  New buildings dated 2003.


Bute St


Run by Liverpool Council; closed some years ago

Beach Rd

Beach Rd, Litherland


Corner with Tattersall Rd. Listed in 1911. Good photo on website.  http://www.litherlandtown.co.uk/a_frameset.html.  Marked on the 1925 map of the area - large school with separate building for infants on the same site.

Beaufort Park

Rhyll St, Dingle


Formed from the amalgamation of Beaufort St and Parkhill Rd schools. A beautiful new building.

Beaufort St

Beaufort St, Toxteth Park


Board School.  Average attendance 1894 - 322 boys 312 senior girls 209 junior mixed 431 infants

Bective St

Bective St, Toxteth Park


When the Balfour Institute could no longer house these pupils, the school was split between Bective St and Hartington Rd.  This building was purpose-built by the School Board for over 300 pupils in 1903.

Bedford College for Young Ladies

Bedford St South


No 92 & 94, Miss  Ellen RYE, principal in 1911

Bedford Rd

Bedford Rd Bootle


Board School listed in Kelly's 1894 Directory. John Austin MILES, schoolmaster in 1911. In the 1938 Directory, listed on the corner of Cambridge Rd and Clare Rd, Hawthorne Rd.  Currently located on Quarry Rd, near Balliol Rd / Breeze Hill. The school has a current website.

Bedford St Ragged School (Industrial)

Bedford St North


Board School listed in Slater’s 1859 Directory

Beech St

Beech St, Kensington


Girls' School run by Miss Pool in 1911


Menlove Avenue


Founded by Miss Mary Blake; moved to its current site on the corner of Menlove Avenue and Crompton's Lane in the early 1920s.  Due to close July 2008; Carleton House may move into the building.

Belle Vale

Besford Rd


Built just after Joseph Williams County Primary; most accommodation in the area was prefabricated.  The school still stands, but the houses have been replaced.  Photo (link from school name)courtesy of Liverpool Record Office

Bellerive Catholic

Windermere Terrace


Convent: FCJ. Amalgamated with St Anne’s Girls’, St Margaret Clitherow, St Martin’s Girls and St Winefride’s in 1983 to form St Mary’s High School.  This school is now renamed Bellerive. 


Belvidere Rd, Toxteth


Girls’ School, originally known as Liverpool High School.  Recognised 1905, and changed its name to The Belvedere School in 1911.

Benn’s Garden Charity School

Benn’s Garden


1790 is the earliest the Liverpool Record Office holds records; these go up beyond 1820.

Beresford Rd Ragged School

Beresford Rd, Toxteth Park


Board School run by Toxteth Chapel. Not sure if this is linked to St Cleopas.

Birchfield Rd

Birchfield Rd


Board School.  Temporary in 1900 eventually became a full primary school. Corner with Alford Rd. Caretaker in 1911 was James ECCLESTON.  Closed in about 2002. The new school on the site is called Phoenix

Bishop Goss Catholic

Cazneau St, Rose Place


Built as St Joseph’s to accommodate over 1,300 children; marked on 1906 map. Building was renewed in 1912 and 1949.  My mother Pauline ROBERTS (nee NAYLOR) taught here in the 1980s.  Before it amalgamated with Holy Cross in Fontenoy St in 1997. LRO holds plans

Bishop Martin



See St Peter’s, Woolton

Bishop O'Reilly's Catholic

Honeysgreen Lane, West Derby


About 150 children attended regularly in 1900.  Not listed in the 1911 Directory.  Renamed Cardinal Allen, and more recently Cardinal Heenan.

Black Horse Lane

Black Horse Lane


Listed as an elementary school in 1938 in the Broadgreen area

Blackmoor Park

Leyfield Rd, West Derby


The schools are located on opposite sides of Leyfield Rd.  The Junior School has its own website.

Blackburne House

Hope St


See Liverpool Institute Girls’ School.  Pat McCOURT remembers the 150th anniversary celebrations in 1994.

Blessed Sacrament Catholic

Park Vale Rd, Walton


Possibly on the site of the old Ragged Industrial school.  The foundation stone of the school was laid in September 1880 and the building was opened on 9 August 1881.  The building has been demolished apart from the section in the photo (link left), which used to hold classrooms and the dining hall, and is now the Parish Centre. There are now separate schools - for infants in Hunslet Rd and for juniors in Cedar Rd.

Blue Coat School

School Lane, Paradise St;  Church Rd, Wavertree


The school has its own history page. Originally built by Brian Blundell in Liverpool City Centre, the school moved to Wavertree in 1905, but the Bell Tower - a famous local landmark - was not completed until 1915.

Blueberry Park

Ackers Hall Avenue


Formed from the amalgamation of Colwell and Maidford Schools

Boaler St

Boaler St


Temporary - in connection with Butler St.  Over 1,000 children attending in 1911.  Eventually became Newsham School - amalgamated with Butler St to form New Park in the early 2000s

Bond St Mixed Day Industrial School

Bond Street


Opened in April 1878, on the corner with Titchfield St, in the building that had been North Church of England School.    In 1903 the intake was fixed at 300. The school had a Superintendent (Mrs Katherine PARR), an RC Assistant (Sara CONNOR) who was Deputy Superintendent, and a Protestant Mistress (Emily GIDLOW).  Marked on the 1906 map.  The school closed in 1912.

Booker Avenue

Booker Avenue, Allerton


Separate Infants' and Junior Schools, built to replace Allerton Primary School which was located in Booker's Cottages.  This was built and maintained by Margaret, daughter of Josiah BOOKER who, with his brother, founded the company that initially sponsored the Booker Prize.  This school was demolished in the late 1930s; the lane was renamed and the new schools built close by.

Bootle High

Browns Lane, Netherton


Originally Bootle Grammar, based on Balliol Rd

Bootle Technical School

Balliol Rd, Bootle


Next to the Public Baths. Listed in 1911.

Boys' Catholic Orphanage Industrial School

Beacon Lane, Everton


Run by the Sisters of Charity, for boys from 4 - 14 years old. May be linked with St George’s in Everton Crescent.  Linked with the Nugent Society.  Later became St Vincent's and subsequently an Approved School (from 1933)

Boys' Refuge Industrial School for Catholic Boys

Soho St


Founded as a Ragged School by the Christian Brothers in about 1848 and certified in 1861 and 1868 (for 150 boys).  The boys were transferred to St Anne St (a former judge's lodgings) in May 1869.

Boys' Refuge Industrial School for Catholic Boys

St Anne's St


The boys were transferred from Soho St to St Anne St (a former judge's lodgings) in May 1869. In 1900 the Superintendent was Henry Pidgeon. Closed in 1922.

Brae St

Brae St, Kensington


1,500 children attending in 1911. Later renamed  Edge Hill, and amalgamated with Clint Rd to form Kensington Primary.   The old school was recently demolished.   The new building opened in 2003 or thereabouts,  housing both Infant and Junior schools.

Broad Square Primary

Broad Square, Norris Green


More photos on the Norris Green website.  Recently replaced by a new building (opened 2002).

Breckfield Secondary School

Venice St (until 1974), Hamilton Road, Loraine Rd


The Secondary Modern in Venice St closed in 1974, the building becoming Breckfield Primary School. Children went to John Hamilton Comprehensive which was later renamed Breckfield.  Amalgamated with Collegiate Comprehensive (Boys) to form Breckfield Comprehensive (Mixed) in 1985.  The new Head, Mr I HALL had been Head at Breckfield before the amalgamation.  For Primary School, see:  Venice St / Granton Rd.


Mill Lane (Infants)   

Oakhill Rd  (Juniors)  

Queen’s Drive (High)

1940 1954

Listed from at least the turn of the century. In 1911, listed as Broad Green, on Broadgreen Road at the corner with Oakhill Road, next to Lotus Laundry.  The current buildings are dated 1940 (Infants) and 1954 (Juniors).  Single sited since 1993. The old Infants’ Building in Mill Lane was used for Finchlea Special School, and subsequently Central PRU.

Bronte St Welsh Charity School

Bronte St


Listed as separate Infant and Junior Schools in 1859. St Simon's may have been built on this site later.  There was another Welsh Charity School at Russell St.  Not listed in 1911.

Broughton Hall Catholic

Yew Tree Lane, West Derby


The current school was formed from the amalgamation of the Convent of Mercy (Broughton Hall), St Agnes and St Margaret Mary’s Girls’ in the Catholic reorganisation of the early 1980s.  There was also a preparatory school here at one time.  The first Head was Sister Mary Agnes MAHER. The school has an excellent history page on its own website.


Erskine St


Wesleyan School.  Liverpool Record Office holds records for 1877 - 1914.  Nearly 500 pupils in 1911.

Butler St

Butler St


1911 - in connection with Boaler St, between Boaler St and Penton St.  Amalgamated with Newsham Primary in the early 2000s to become New Park.

Calder High School

Calderstones Rd


Amalgamated with Quarry Bank High and Morrison Secondary to form Quarry Bank in the late 1950s; subsequently renamed Calderstones Comprehensive

Caledonian Free School

Oldham St


Erected for the education of children of Scottish parentage; supported by subscriptions and donations. In 1827, attended by 160 boys and 90 girls. Listed in 1859. The school was eventually taken over by the School Board in the early 1900s and closed in 1923.

Campion High Catholic

Salisbury St,  Everton   Prince Edwin St,  Everton    


Once called a 'Bilateral' school. Geographically close to SFX on Shaw St - probably took children from there when the school relocated to Woolton.  A guess - someone will know the real answer! Marked on the 1906 map. Amalgamated with English Martyrs and St Pious X in 1983 to form Campion Comprehensive; the head, Mr KENNEDY, retired.  Children transferred from Salisbury St to Prince Edwin St in 1981.

Canon Kennedy Catholic

Edge Lane


This school was part of Sacred Heart parish, traditionally serving the ‘roads’ (north of Hall Lane) rather then the ‘streets’ on the town side. Rita says this was the posh part of the parish. 

Cantril Farm JM & Infants

Mab Lane


Renamed ‘Mab Lane County Primary’ in 1976, to avoid confusion with a Knowsley school.  See entries for ‘Mab Lane’.

Cardinal Allen Catholic

Honeysgreen Lane, West Derby


Located in the old Bishop O’Reilly buildings. Amalgamated with St Margaret Mary’s Boys’ in 1983 to form Cardinal Heenan.  The last Head of Cardinal Allen and the first head of Cardinal Heenan was Rev. CHEETHAM.

Cardinal Godfrey Catholic

Breck Rd


Records suggest the building dated from 1710 - it was St Elizabeth’s before becoming Cardinal Godfrey.  My uncle - Bill Naylor - used to teach here, but I can’t remember very much about it at all.  Head in the 1960s was Brother (Pop) MORAN, a diminutive but terrifying Scot.  Alumni Ken ROBERTS and Mike CARDEN testify to his powerful personality and his cane swinging.  They think he was at least 70 at that time!  When my brother attended in the 1970s and early 1980s, Brother CAREY was Head.  Closed in 1983 when it amalgamated with other schools to form Nugent High School,  Brother CAREY became head of Nugent.

Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School

Honeysgreen Lane, West Derby


The school previously known as Cardinal Allen

Cardinal Newman Boys’ Catholic

Queens Drive, Childwall


In Reorganisation (1983) became the lower school for SFX; now demolished.

Carleton House

Mossley Hill


Catholic Preparatory School.  Now in the old Beechenhurst Building, Menlove Avenue / Cromptons Lane (since about 2009).

Carr Lane County Comprehensive

Carr Lane (Upper School); Abbotsford Rd (Lower School)


Amalgamated with Queen Mary Girls’ in 1985 to form Clubmoor County Comprehensive.  The Head, R L W MANDER, became Head of the new school.

Catholic Female Orphanage

Falkner St


Sisters of Notre Dame. Certified for 50 girls originally later for 100. Closed 1906

Catholic High School & Kindergarten

Alexandra Rd, Waterloo


Schoolmistress - Josephine ORMANDY (born Leyland, in Mount Pleasant in 1901, listed as a governess - may have trained there)

Catholic Institute

Hope St, St Domingo Rd Everton


Founded by Father James Nugent; moved to this site of St Edward’s College which was an boarding school in St Domingo Rd in 1920; changed its name to St Edward’s at the same time.  Moved to the current premises in Sandfield Park, West Derby, in 1938.

Central School



Boys’ School, demolished after a fire in 1999 (Info from Litherland Town website)

Chatham Place Nursery

Chatham Place Edge Hill


A school has stood in this position for many years!  Now a Children’s Centre, linked with St Hugh’s.

Chatsworth St

Chatsworth St Edge Hill


Over 1,200 average attendance in the 1890s. In 1911, Next to Liverpool Savings Bank; next to Corporation of Liverpool Evening Reading Room.  Closed when it amalgamated with Earle Rd in the 1990s; now Smithdown Primary.

Childwall CE

Woolton Rd,  Childwall


This school was originally built in the grounds of Salisbury House, the Liverpool Orphanage which is now part of Liverpool Hope University. In the early 1960s, boarding facilities were provided for some of the children. These facilities were discontinued some time ago; the school is now in a new buildings (1998), on the same site.

Childwall Sports College

Queen’s Drive, Wavertree


There were originally two buildings - Olive Mount and The Holt.  The Holt building was on Queen’s Drive, but the school had been based on Smithdown Rd.  These were amalgamated as Childwall Comprehensive and then co-located on the Queen’s Drive site a few years ago. The school has Sports College status, and then Trust status - working closely with Broadgreen International School.

Childwall Valley High School

Childwall Valley Rd


Photo dates from the school’s opening; (c) LRO.  A Girls’ School which became a comprehensive, and amalgamated with The Holt in 1985 to form Childwall Comprehensive.  The Head, Mr B LEWIS, became Head of Broadgreen Comprehensive. The building has now been demolished.

Christ the King Catholic

Meadway,  Wavertree


The school I attended - in Wavertree Garden Suburb

Christ Church Schools

Lark Lane, Sefton Park


Thanks to Paul Young for these photos. The school is listed in the 1938 Directory as an elementary school

Christchurch CE Bootle

Hawthorne Rd, Bootle


Backing onto Gloucester Rd; detailed on 1906 map.  Also listed at Waterworks St. In 1938 listed at Park St, Bootle and Melrose Rd

Christchurch CE Everton

Christian St

Anderson St,  Everton



Listed at various addresses in the Great Homer St area over many years.  Aughton St and Great Homer St also given.  Listed as separate Infant and Junior Schools in 1859; average attendance in 1900 was about 250 pupils; by 1911, it was over 800. 

Christchurch CE Waterloo

Bath St, Waterloo


Infants listed separately in 1859. Listed in Great George’s Rd in 1873.  Enlarged 1890 and again later.  In 1900 - attendance only 90 pupils.  Between Great George’s Rd and South Rd. On the 1925 map the school is shown off Melrose Rd which is itself off Crosby Rd South. By 1938, the school was listed in Great George’s Rd

Church of England North

Bond St


Listed in Slater's 1859 Directory. I don't know anything else about this school. Purchased by the Liverpool School Board in 1878 and converted into Bond St Industrial School.  The Day School had an RC Mistress and a Protestant mistress.  May be linked with St Alban's RC.

Church of England School

Whitfield St, Toxteth Park


Listed in Slater's 1859 Directory

Church of England South School

Cornwallis St


Listed from 1830s with different names - see St Michael’s.  Still listed in 1938.

City of Liverpool Technical School

Carisbrook Rd, County Rd


Corner with Harlech St; next to the tram sheds

Cleveland Ragged School

Great George St


Information from the Liverpool Mercury, 1959.  Schoolroom was under the Great George St Chapel, and was funded / staffed by the congregation there.  It opened in the evenings, and took over 300 children.  Apparently there were more in the winter than the summer - presumably because it was warm, and there was little else to do!

Clifford Holroyde School

Thingwall Lane, Knotty Ash


A special school

Clint Rd

Clint Rd, Edge Hill


Corner with Solon St. Board school. Over 1,200 average attendance in the 1890s.  The school closed in 1976 when it amalgamated with Edge Hill Infants to form the new Kensington Primary School. At that time the Headteachers were Mrs J M MURPHY (Juniors - went to Kensington) and Miss M NEAL (Infants).

Clubmoor County Comprehensive

Garsfield Rd


The building was closed in 1986, as surplus to requirements.


Colwell Rd


Listed as Knowsley Council School in the 1938 Directory.  Later called Finch Park County Primary School. Thanks to Catherine JONES for this 1989 photo.  The school closed in 2002 and amalgamated with Maidford to form Blueberry Park. The building was vacated in November 2005 and demolished soon after; the site is overgrown and derelict.

Convent of Mercy

Yew Tree Lane, West Derby


Amalgamated in 1983 with St Agnes’ and St Margaret Mary’s Girls to form Broughton Hall. Photo courtesy of Liverpool Record Office.


Inigo Rd


Close to Queen’s Drive and Old Swan.

Countess of Derby

Brown St, Bootle


Amalgamated with Warwich Bolam High School in the 1980s.  Thanks to Richard REEVE (teacher at Warwick Bolam) for the information


Craighurst Rd, Netherley


Ken ROBERTS attended this school when it and the surrounding Childwall Valley estate were brand new.  It first appeared in the phone book in January 1960; closed in 2003.  A new school called Childwall Valley Primary opened on the site.

Cranmer Wesleyan School

Boundary St, Vauxhall Rd


Cranmer St ran parallel to Boundary St, between Vauxhall Rd and Stanley Rd. Head in 1891 was Mr AINSWORTH.  Caretaker in 1911 was Mrs Martha SMITH.  Liverpool Record Office holds records 1902 - 1911.  The Church closed in 1939; don’t know about the schools (for Infants, Juniors and Senior Girls).

Crescent Chapel School

William Henry St


There was a Crescent Chapel School in William Henry St in 1859; tansferred to the Liverpool School Board in May 1872.  Linked with Salisbury St. Listed in 1911

Cropper's Charity School

Upper Harrington St


This school was probably patronised by John and Ann Cropper, and would have taught Bible Studies, sewing etc.  Not listed in 1827 but in 1846 listed at Miles St, Toxteth.  It formed the basis of St Paul's in Byle St, Toxteth Park which opened in 1855.

Crosby Rd North

Crosby Rd North


Listed in the 1938 Directory, next to Waterloo Central School.

Cross Farm

Victoria Falls Rd,  Netherley


The road was called Tothale Turn until the end of the 1990s. Early maps show Cross's Tenement in the area.  The school has closed in 2007.

Croxteth Comprehensive

Stonebridge Lane, Croxteth


Parkstile opened in 1939, Stonebridge in 1956.  In 1982, the school closed and children transferred to Clubmoor (Ellergreen); some children remained at Stonebridge Lane, to be educated by their parents. The site is now used again - as the home of Croxteth Comprehensive!  Photo from Liverpool Record Office. Closed Summer 2010.

Croxteth CP

Moss Way


At the other end of the 79 route from Cross Farm.  The school has its own website.

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