Neil Anderson Anfield Rd School

Thanks to Neil ANDERSON for this class photograph, dated about 1936.   Neil is third from right, front row.  On his right is Barbara DONAGHUE and to her right a boy surname HOGG. 

From 1944 there was also a girls’ Secondary Modern on Anfield Rd in a building called Woodlands - the old site of the Queen Mary School (above).  The first Headteacher was Grace ASHTON. Girls from Anfield Rd transferred here.


Originally known as Walton-on-the-Hill Board School - up until the first part of the 20th century.

This school is famous for its Bell Tower - inevitably believed to be haunted.  Originally listed as a single school, it is currently separate infant and junior schools located within the same building. Bessie Braddock is one of the school’s most famous pupils.

The photograph on the left was taken in 1972, and the one below in 2006. Inside there have been lots of changes, but outside very little has changed!


Above:  a picture dated about 1909, of the pupils of Anfield Rd school.  Marked on the photo is Lesley’s grandfather Herbert SELBY, b1904.  Below is Herbert’s report from the school, dated 1918 and signed by the Headmaster, John TITTERINGTON.  Bert’s attendance and punctuality were good and his conduct excellent.  He is recommended to future employers with confidence due to his quiet industry and perseverance.  Thanks to Lesley for contributing these two items.


The school was evacuated to the Ysgol Llangynfelyn ('Taliesin School') during the second world war, most of the children living in the main villages of Tre-Taliesin and Tre'r-ddl. There were also Anfield Road children at Ysgol Tal-y-bont, a little over a mile further south on the Aberystwyth-Machynlleth road.  Stephen Benham and the team who run the Llangynfelyn website have transcribed the records that were kept at the school.  Anfield Rd still has its own records of this period.  The record from Wales makes fascinating reading.


Thanks to Marged for this newspaper photograph, featuring Billy ASHTON!

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