Joah has sent me a copy of the school’s Jubilee Magazine, from which I have extracted some photos initially.  I will go through it in more detail over the next couple of days.


Mary Jane GRIFFITH, MA. Head from   1923-1927


Miss M F ADAMS, OBE, MA. Head 1927-1939


First Head of Queen Mary High School was Ethel Ruth GWATKIN. After 13 years, she moved on to a post in Streatham, before retiring in the mid 1940s. Miss ADAMS left Queen Mary for a post in Croydon.  She was Head when the foundation stone for the Long Lane building was laid in March 1939, and accompanied the school on evacuation to The Priory School in Shrewsbury in September that year.  She handed over to Miss GRAYSON on this journey.  On the return early in 1940, Queen Mary School had to share the Holly Lodge building in shifts because their new school was not yet ready!

The 1944 Education Act abolished fees, and meant that fewer girls had to leave because of financial problems.


Miss D GRAYSON, BA.    Head from 1939 - 1944


Miss M G LIDDLE, PhD.  Head from 1944; still Head in 1960


Teachers - 1910s

Agnes Leslie ANDERSON;  Miss FORBES;  Miss LOTKA;  Mary Isabel MASON;  Ida Clare McMECHAN;  Miss NICHOLLS;  Miss PROCTOR; Margaret WELLAND

Many of the teaching staff remained in school for well over a decade: for example, Miss ATTLEE stayed from 1925 to 1946, and Lucy RABSON from 1933 to 1945.  The Headteachers were often promoted and moved on to schools elsewhere in the country.

Teachers - 1920s

Miss ABBATT; Miss ATTLEE; Miss BAKER; Miss DAWSON;  Annie Wylie GILL;  Miss JAMES; Miss JONES;  Mary Isabel MASON;  Miss MASTERTON;  Miss NICHOLLS;  Miss PROCTOR;  Jane RACKHAM;  Miss SPENCER;  Miss SWIFT         

Teachers - ‘30s & ‘40s

Dorothy BARROW;  Miss BRENNELL;  Miss CARR;  Miss DODD;  Miss EATON;  Miss FINDLOW;  Katherine HOTHERSALL;  Miss MacILWAINE;  Miss NORMAN;  Lucy RABSON;  Miss STEVENSON;  Dr WALLACE          

Teachers - 1950s. Noted as leaving in 1959, anyway!

Mrs AISTON; Miss BUCKLEY (Biology); Miss HADLEY (retired); Miss OAKEY; Miss JOHNSON; Miss LANGAN

Permanent Staff (1960)

Miss M G LIDDLE (Head);  Miss M E DODD (Second Mistress);  Mrs C M CAMERON;  Mrs K M COLLINGE;   Miss J M CREIGHTON;  Miss M DAVIS;  Miss I L EATON;  Miss H V EVANS;  Miss B FORREST;  Miss J GELDARD;  Miss A E GOODBURN;  Miss D E HANCHETT;  Miss M HUGHES;  Miss K A JACKSON;  Miss J B MacGIBBON;  Miss K L MONTGOMERY;  Miss L NORMAN;  Miss N REES;  Mrs J PRITCHARD;  Miss E C RIGBY;  Mrs M T ROWLANDS;  Miss J C SCHOFIELD;  Miss M E SHARPLES;  Miss B E STIRLING           

The programme for the Golden Jubilee also includes letters from former pupils, explaining what they have gone on to do as well as sharing their memories of the school.  The Gilbert & Sullivan events (largely down to Dr WALLACE, I think) and the trips - to London, and abroad as well as the evacuation to Shropshire are often mentioned.  Fond memories indeed - a fantastic souvenir!

The school has now been closed for some years.  I visited it just before it closed, and thought it a beautiful building, with an impressive entranceway. The school closed in the late 1990s, amalgamating with Alsop on Queens Drive.

I visited again in May 2007 - and found it derelict.

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