La Sagesse Catholic

Aigburth Rd, Grassendale


Convent High School. 'Holmleigh'. Closed in the Catholic reorganisation of 1983, amalgamating with Notre Dame Woolton and Our Lady of the Assumption Secondary Girls to form St Julie’s.  The Head, Sister Charles (Miss P R SOUPER) went to St John Almond.

Lancashire Reformatory for Roman Catholic Girls

May Place, Broadgreen, Old Swan


Originally located in St Helens at Blackbrook House (from 1869). Moved to Liverpool in 1876 for 70 girls and again; closed 1922

Lambeth County Secondary

Lambeth Rd, L4

Not known

Closed in 1982 when it amalgamated with John Hamilton Secondary to form Breckfield. The Head, Mr PATERSON, retired.

Lander Rd

Lander Rd, Litherland

Not known

Between Linacre Rd and Webster St. On the photo, taken in 1908, Britannia is represented by Lydia READ. Thanks to Paul GOODMAN for the photo. This link will take you to a photo of a class from 1932.

Lawrence Rd

Lawrence Rd, Wavertree


Temporary school in connection with Webster St in 1900; new building opened in 1902. The school is on the same site to this day, although the old building has been replaced. In the 1950s, chair of governors was Canon C. P. CLARKE, Vicar of St Bridget’s in Bagot St. The secondary schools closed in 1982, due to falling rolls; Head of the Girls, Miss A C PAGENDAM, went to Holly Lodge. The primary school is still open, in brand new buildings but with the old bell still outside.


Leamington Rd, Norris Green


Originally described as a “portable school” (along with Broad Square, Monksdown and Ranworth Square).  Original cost of building, per head, 13 9s. Now beautifully refurbished. The school has its own website.

Leyfield RC

Leyfield Rd, West Derby


The 1906 map has the school on Honeysgreen Lane, on or very near the current site of Cardinal Heenan.  It transferred to the City Council in 1905.  The Record Office has log books for the Girls’ School from 1905 until the school’s closure in March 1961.  In 1938, Layfield Grange Schools were listed at the corner of Leyfield Rd and Honeysgreen Lane.  Blackmoor Park Schools, which opened in 1937, do not seem to be listed though, so maybe the schools were rebuilt / renamed?  In Honeysgreen Lane there was a ‘Leyfield School Farm’ next to Bishop O’Reilly’s Memorial Schools, linked with the carmellite convent.


Lidderdale Rd


Built on the site of St Pancras Church (a Chapel of Ease for St Agnes in Ullet Rd).  Close to Greenbank Synagogue.  Built as an infants’ school.  Classrooms all on the ground floor; staffroom and some offices were upstairs. The school amalgamated with Morrison to form Greenbank Primary School; the building was demolished when the new premises on Mossley Avenue, off Greenbank Rd,  opened.

Linacre School

Thornton Rd, Bootle

Not known

Thanks to John Hardy for this lovely photo.

Lisieux Catholic Infants

Utting Avenue, Norris Green


Recently amalgamated with St Teresa’s Catholic Infants, on the same site.

Lister Drive

Lister Drive,  Tuebrook


Originally known as Green Lane Council School. Separate Infant and Junior schools. The schools have now moved onto a site on Green Lane, opposite St Cecilia’s. Hope this photo is of the right building!  Baths were here too... The Juniors’ has its own  website.

Litherland High

Sterrix Lane, Litherland


Due to be rebuilt under the BSF scheme in the next few years, possibly merging with Bootle High School

Little Woolton CE School


Not known

Also known as St Stephen’s in Gateacre

Liverpool College

Lodge LaneMossley Hill


Originally the upper school for Liverpool Collegiate. Became a public school in 1907; now situated in Mossley Hill. Became co-educational when it amalgamated with Huyton College. The photo was kindly sent to me by Ken ROBERTS; there are now flats on this site on the corner of Lodge Lane (now Sefton Park Rd) and Bentley Rd.

Liverpool College for Girls

Crown St

Not known

Listed in 1894. Quite a way from Blackburne House etc. Not sure about its relationship to to other institutions.

Liverpool Collegiate School

Shaw St


Founded in 1840; Shaw St site opened in 1843. The school aimed to provide an appropriate mixture of commerce, science and religion for boys of the middle classes. The Upper School moved to Lodge Lane in 1884. This became a public school in 1907, when the Collegiate transferred to the Local Authority. School continued on the Shaw St site as Liverpool Collegiate until closure in 1985. At this time the Headteacher (Mr E CLARKE) retired and the school amalgamated to form Breckfield.

Liverpool Farm School for Boys



Certified in 1859.  Became an Approved School for 115 boys from 1933

Liverpool Girls' Reformatory

Mount Vernon Green


This school was managed by the Liverpool Juvenile Reformatory Association.  Children would be sent here on magistrates’ recommendation, often after a short spell in prison. In 1900,  the school catered for 80 girls; 90 when they acquired the adjacent house in about 1910.  In 1915 the school used premises in Newsham Drive because of infectious illness; in 1916 it moved to Heswall Park temporarily.  The school closed later that year.

Liverpool Industrial School for Girls

St Domingo Rd,  Everton


Founded in  1849 as a mixed school; became a girls' school in 1878.  A private house with additional  wings and a front garden. There were also premises at 52 St Domingo Vale where the Auxiliary Home may have been situated. Closed in 1920.

Liverpool Institute and School of Art

Mount St


Opened in Sir Thomas St, then moved to Slater St. The Mount St building opened in 1837. Renamed The Liverpool Institute in 1856. it is still listed in 1894.   Transferred to Liverpool City Council in 1905.   The Girls’ School was in Blackburne House. There are lots of websites devoted to the Institute, including Fred Crane’s Liobians site

Liverpool Institute High School for Girls

Blackburne Place, No 1, Hope St


Linked with the Liverpool Institute and School of Art; listed in 1859. Also known as Blackburne House. Principal Miss L M COOMBE in 1911. Now restored, a Grade II listed building.

Liverpool Nautical College

Colquitt St, Seel St

Not known

Both addresses listed in 1894

Liverpool Orphanage Industrial School for Catholic Boys

Everton Crescent


A voluntary school run by the Sisters of Charity. The school took in 200 boys from 4 - 14 years of age. Later called St Vincent's Beacon Lane. Became an Approved School for 150 juniors from 1933. Supported by Fatherr NUGENT

Liverpool School for the Blind

Hardman St


Mike ROYDEN has researched this school. He told me:  ‘ it is the oldest blind school in the world and was founded in 1791. The 1829 Act provided a legal framework as there had been a dispute among the trustees. The chapel attached to the school was attended by all the well-to-do at that time who would hear the pupils sing and play each Sunday.  The school at Wavertree (1898) was the new junior school – the main school was then in Hardman Street (opposite the Philharmonic) so it wasn’t a new foundation as such, just a new wing for the same school dating back to 1791.’

Liverpool School of Music

Bedford St South

Not known

John Ross was removed from the 1911 Directory.

Liverpool Talmud Torah School

Great Oxford St, Bedford St

Not known

Listed in 1911 as a school for the Hebrew education of Jewish children.  Located at 40 & 42 Great Oxford St, the Head Master at the time was Hyman SHEREFSKI. The school moved to Great Bedford St in 1932.

Lombard St Council School

Lombard St


Liverpool Record Office holds records from 1887 to 1932. May have been CE at one time

Longmoor Lane

Longmoor Lane


Building was commenced by Walton and completed by Liverpool School Board. There were only 987 pupils in 1900 - quite small for the time! By 1903 attendance had risen to 1,056. Longmoor is now one of Liverpool’s largest schools, after separate infant and junior schools amalgamated into a brand new building in about 2002.

Loraine St

Loraine St


The street is off Breckfield Rd North; the records are deposited with the LRO and date from 1910. Became part of John Hamilton Comprehensive, and then Breckfield Comprehensive

Lower Lea

Beaconsfield Rd, Woolton

Not known

Special School

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