Stanley Park

Woodlands; Priory Rd


Priory Rd opened in 1939, and was renamed Anfield COmprehensive.  The Woodlands site closed in 1985.

Star of the Sea

Kepler St, Seaforth


According to Brenda MURRAY (Radio Merseyside, January 2011), this school is build on the site of St Thomas’ Vicarage at which William Ewart GLADSTONE was educated when he lived in Seaforth, between the ages of 4 and 21.  He went to Eton from 1821-1827.  The school is listed in 1911 and 1916; still open in the late 1940s/early 1950s when Nora FINLINSON attended. Also known as ‘Our Lady Star of the Sea’ Kepler St / Seaforth Vale North

Steers St

Steers St, Everton


Off Spencer St.  The County Secondary Modern closed in 1970.  Pupils transferred to Loraine County Secondary Modern.  Head at the time was Miss C R KERMODE..  The building was demolished.  At the same time, the infants’ School (led by Miss L M GRIFFITHS) closed and the pupils moved to Heyworth St, later to become Everton Park.  

Stockton Wood

Stockton Wood Rd, Speke


Named after the wood. Children transferred here from All Saints School.  There is a picture of the original Stocktonwood building at the bottom of the All Saints web page.   Peter Crompton sent this photo of the staff in the early 1950s.   Infants and juniors amalgamated some years ago; new building in 2005.

Stonebridge Lane

Stonebridge Lane, Croxteth


Originally a Secondary Modern school, now known as Croxteth Comprehensive.

Stonebridge Lane Primary

Stonebridge Lane, Croxteth


There is a photo of this school in Liverpool Record Office. The school closed in 1993; the building was subsequently demolished.


Dundonald Rd, Aigburth


Marked on the 1906 map. Now separate infants (Dundonald Rd) and Juniors (Aigburth Rd).  The current buildings opened in the mid 1960s. 

Sylvester Council School

St John’s Rd, Huyton


In 1938, John PINNINGTON was listed as master.  The school is still there.  St Agnes’ RC school is in the same road.

Teulon St

Teulon St


Renamed Eileen Craven CP from 1972.  The school closed in the mid 1990s, amalgamating with Major Lester to form Hope Valley Primary School.

The Beacon

Heyworth St, Everton


Formed from the amalgamation of St George’s CE and Everton Park.  The school has its own website.

The Grange

Stonyfield, Sefton


Near the Northern Perimeter Rd

The Holt

Queens Drive, Childwall


Built before 1938 - there is a photo with this date at the LRO.  Previously known as The Holt Comprehensive.  Amalgamated with Olive Mount; now known as Childwall Sports College

Thingwall Institute

Thingwall Lane


According to reminiscences, a very small school with one room.

Thomas Gray

Salisbury Rd, Bootle


Listed in Slater’s 1859 Directory as Salisbury Rd

Tiber St

Tiber St, Lodge Lane, Toxteth Park


Opened early 1904.  Split into two separate schools in 1945 - a primary and a secondary modern.  The secondary modern was relocated, and subsequently became Arundel Comprehensive.  The primary school closed late 1990s. The building was used by community organisations for a while, but has now been demolished.

Toxteth County Primary

Upper Park St


On the corner with Devonport St.  In 1894 and 1911, the school was listed as ‘Upper Park St Schools’.  The Directories give 1885 as its opening, but in fact this was the date when it was substantially enlarged.  The school closed in July 1981.  The Head, Mr COWMAN, went to St Saviour’s and then Dovedale Juniors.  Most of the children transferred to St Silas.

Toxteth Park Girls' Industrial

Dingle Lane, Toxteth Park


In 1873, matron was Hannah HUGHES.  Later on, Miss Robina FRASER. Closed after WW2.

Toxteth Park Girls' Reformatory

Parkhill Rd, Toxteth Park


Liverpool Juvenile Reformatory Association. The school was in a house which was later extended. Superintendent - Miss Lily Crane.  Closed 1921.

Toxteth Technical Trades Preparatory School

Aigburth Rd, Toxteth Park


No 48, corner of Colebrooke Rd. Tocky Tech!  Later Arundel Comprehensive, then Shorefields, now a City Council Conference Centre. There is some information on the BBC Local History site

Trinity District CE

Rose Villas, Wavertree


There was a ‘British Infants’ school listed in 1859.  Mike CHITTY in his book on Wavertree Village explains that the school was at one time known as ‘Cow Lane College’ because Prince Alfred Rd was originally called Cow Lane. The present building amalgamated with St Bridget’s CE in 1995 and was extensively remodelled in 1997.  Now known as Wavertree CE.


Aigburth;  Thingwall Lane, Knotty Ash


The house was  originally a residence in Aigburth - the family home of Hamilton GILMOUR, and was given to Liverpool Education Committee in 1919.  It became one of the first ‘Open Air’ schools, for delicate children, opening in March 1930.  See 800 Lives site for memories of Underlea. Continued as a special school for many years. In 1977, the school moved to premises in Thingwall lane, Knotty Ash. Closed in the 1990s.

Unitarian School

Mount Pleasant


One of the oldest school in Liverpool

University Community Comprehensive

Blackburne Place


Formerly known as Blackburne House.  Closed in 1986.

Upper Parliament St Independent School

Salisbury St


Listed in Slater's 1859 Directory. Link with St Augustine's CE?

Ursuline Catholic

Nicholas Rd, Liverpool



Venice St

Venice St, Anfield


average attendance 589 mixed 222 infants (1894). Now known as Breckfield School.

Victoria School

Seddon Rd, Garston


Founded by St Mary’s CE Church in Grassendale as a Higher Grade school.  Not listed in the 1900 Directory, but is marked on the 1906 map.  Listed as the Victoria School (1911) and elsewhere as Victoria School, Grassendale.

Vine St

Vine St


Liverpool Record Office holds managers’ minutes books from 1903-1947.  The school is marked on the 1906 map, and listed in Gore’s Directory for 1911. Located near the junction of Vine St and Myrtle St. I believe the school closed in the early 1990s.  Rick is trying to locate pictures of it - if anyone has any.

Walnut St School

Walnut St


Infants' School Listed in Slater’s 1859 Directory

Walton Academy



Girls’ Boarding School, established by John HOLT (b1743) and his wife; run by Mrs HOLT for some years after John’s death in 1801.  The academy was one of the first buildings in the UK to have a lightening conductor.  In  1824, George HOLT was running a gents’ boarding school in Walton.

Walton Breck Trinity

Walton Breck Rd


CE school.  Liverpool record Office holds extensive records.  Also known as Holy Trinity

Walton RC Infants     Walton RC Juniors

Park Vale Rd, Walton   Cedar Rd, Walton

1990 1970

The Juniors moved from Park Vale Rd to Cedar Rd in the early 1870s.  Kevin recalls that this was a prefabricated building, designed by Cubitts.  It lasted less than two decades before being replaced by the current building.  Renamed Blessed Sacrament Infants and Juniors respectively from September 1984.

Walton Grammar



Another school originally established by the CROSSE family.  Schoolmaster in 1548 was Humphrey CROSSE on a salary of nearly 6 per year.  The original building was replaced by this one in the 1600s.  The building is still in St Mary’s Churchyard.  Master in the 1750s was Geronwy OWEN, poet who earned 35 per year as curate and an extra 5 for duties as schoolmaster.  Another famous schoolmaster was John HOLT who later set up Walton Academy with his wife.

Walton Lane

Walton Rd Kirkdale


Listed in Kelly's 1894 Directory. St Mary's CE?

Walton Rd Day Industrial School

Walton Rd


Certified 9th October 1907 for 300 children.  Closed April 1921.

Warbreck Moor

Longmoor Lane, Walton


Sometimes named Longmoor Lane.  The original building was recently demolished.  Mike KEYTON tells me that the only part left standing is what was the Dining Hall, which was a prefab!

Warwick Bolam Secondary School

Glover's Lane, Bootle


Merged with Bootle Grammar in 1973 to form Warwick Bolam High School.  Operated as a split site school, eventually amalgamating with Countess of Derby School in Browns Lane in 1983 to form Bootle High School.  The school closed in 2009.  Thanks to Richard REEVE, a teacher at the school, for this information. Wondered about the name.  In 1911 there was a pupil teacher called Warwick BOLAM living with his family in Durham.  Another Warwick Hall BOLAM, born 1913, died in Peterborough in 1995.  A further Warwich Hall BOLAM, born 1922, emigrated the same year to Australia and returned aged 8. There are lots of Warwick BOLAMs.  Could be a link? Does anyone know?

Watergate Special School



Moved to shared premises in 2004, closed 2005


Crosby Road North


Dave picked up this photo, dated 1919.  The school is listed in the 1938 Directory.

Waterloo Grammar School

Cambridge Rd, Waterloo



Watford Rd

Watford Rd, Anfield


In connection with Anfield Rd school, the building was leased from the board of St Simon & St Jude’s, and provided for Junior Boys only. In 1903 there were 4 teachers to cater for 297 pupils!

Watmough St

Watmough St, Everton


Listed in Slater’s 1859 Directory

Wavertree CE School

Rose Villas, Prince Alfred Rd, Wavertree


See Trinity District CE

Wavertree Infants’ School

Mill Lane, Wavertree


Marked on the 1851 OS map of Wavertree, by the railway and close to the old quarry. In 1861, the schoolmaster was James CORLETT from Ramsay, Isle of Man.

Webster Rd

Webster Rd, Edge Hill


I think this school may have amalgamated with Earle Rd

Wellesbourne Primary

Abbotsford Road Norris Green


Photos on the Norris Green website.  There was previously Abbotsford Rd Secondary Modern on this site.  There is now a brand new school building.

Wellington Rd School

Wellington Rd


Originally known as St John the Baptist.  Became a secondary school in the 20th century; attended by Billy Fury.  Norman BRIDGE took over the Headship of the Boys’ School in the 1950s.

Welsh Calvinist Methodists

Prince Edwin St, Everton


Listed in Slater's 1859.  There was also a Methodist Infants’ School here

Welsh Charity Day School

Russell St


Built for poor children of Welsh parents, born in or near Liverpool but without parochial settlement in the town. Listed in 1814 until at least 1853

Wesleyan Methodist School

Balliol Rd, Bootle


Corner with Pembroke Rd. Listed in 1911.

Wesleyan Methodist School

Erskine St


Listed in 1873, on the corner with Talbot St. Master - Christopher GATENBY.

West Derby CE

Carr Lane


Probably the same as the Dog & Gun School.

West Derby Comprehensive

Quarry Road


There is also a part of the school on Bankfield Rd, dated 1959.

Westminster CP

Westminster Rd


The school opened in 1900 in an iron building.  The infants’ department opened in 1902.  The permanent school building was opened in 1908.  Jack HUNTER tells me that there was separate accommodation for Catholics (upstairs) and Anglicans (downstairs).  The school was used as a soldiers’ hospital during WW1 (children moved to Fonthill Rd).  The school was evacuated to Winsford in Cheshire for a brief time during WW2.  Infants and Juniors amalgamated in 1972, then the school amalgamated with St Lawrence in 1990; renamed St Lawrence.  St Lawrence later amalgamated with Kirkdale to form Kirkdale St Lawrence. 

West Derby Orphanage Industrial School

Town Row, West Derby


Matron - Miss Ada SHERRING

Whiston School

Dragon Lane


At the corner with Windy Arbour Rd and Greene’s Rd.

White Thorn

Barlows Lane Walton



Whitefield Rd Wesleyan

Whiterock St, Boundary Lane, Everton


Listed in the 1911 Gore’s Directory.  The building is still there.  This formidable group are teachers.  It was taken over by the council in 1926.  The old school was demolished when the new building opened in 2003.

William Gladstone CE

Thomson Rd, Seaforth


Linked to St Thomas CE? This is the name of the vicarage where William GLADSTONE was educated before going to Eton.  Now amalgamated with Beech Rd to form Rimrose Hope (from 2008).


Upper Hill Street


Lots of information on toxteth.net.  Building looks older than 1930!

Winstone Rd Primary

Winstone Rd, Dovecot


Built in the 1930s.  The school eventually burnt down, and children transferred to Grant Rd, which subsequently became Dovecot Primary School. The picture was taken in 1946, and submitted by Ernest J ALLUM.


Out Lane, Woolton


Now separate infant and junior schools

Yew Tree County Comprehensive

Fincham Rd


Previously Finch Park Secondary Modern (from 1935); renamed in 1967.  The school was closed in the 1985 reorganisation and became Dovecot County Comprehensive.  The Headteacher,  Mr R E ROBERTS, became Head of the new school. The building was demolished in 1993.

York Terrace

York Terrace, Everton


Described as a ‘Temporary School’  - in 1894, 1900 and 1903!  Situated between St Domingo Rd and Netherfield Rd. The building was initially leased by the School Board from the trustees of the Northern Institute, but bought in 1900.  It was a Free School with an average attendance of 415 in 1902.

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