Originally known as Garston Wesleyan School. Liverpool Record Office holds records for this school from 1871. 

The Infants’ School is in Southbank Rd, Garston (right and below). Opened in 1938.

Gilmour Jun

Records for Duncombe Rd (now the Junior School, above and right) date from 1909. I recently photographed this school, which had a number of different entrances including this one, which caught my eye, for ‘Domestic Science’. This shows the building’s history as Senior Girls’ school. Head in the late 1940s / early 1950s was Miss Baldwin, who always wore purple or grey. Mavis SMITH (nee CAMPBELL) sent in the picture of girls from Duncombe Rd below.

Clipping below courtesy of Garston & District Historical Society

duncombe road

Top row: ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Marina ELLISON ?? ??
Middle row: ?? Jean YOUNG ?? ?? ?? ?? Kathleen REEVE, Edna PIERCE ?? ?? ??
3rd row: Valerie McLEAN ?? Thelma ? Elaine COFFEE ?? ?? ?? ?? Pat GANNON Mavis CAMPBELL
Front row: Valerie POWELL ?? ?? ?? Jean HOLLAND


Senior boys were taught at Heath Rd (right), which opened in 1929. The first Headteacher was Mr A J MASON, the second was R S SIMPSON and the third Norman BRIDGE. Other teachers there in the 1960s were Jim NORRIS (Deputy Head) and John HAMILTON (Science) who went on to become a local councillor. Heath Rd became New Heys in the comprehensive reorganisation of 1967, amalgamating with Gilmour Girls and New Heys Girls, Mather Avenue.

Beatie SMITH writes:

I am now writing about the four very happy years I studied at Gilmour Secondary Modern School, Duncombe Road, 1948 to 1952.

I don’t remember the doorway with Domestic science over it. During my time at the school domestic science was held in Banks Road County Primary school. There were five hundred pupils in the seniors and it was very overcrowded possibly because Banks Road senior school had closed and the school leaving age went up to 15 in 1947. In my first year I was in a class of twelve pupils who were crammed into a staff meeting room for the three Rs. We went to Springwood infant school for art and the Congregational church hall, Garston Old Road, for some of our other subjects. I cant remember which.  Miss ELKINGTON was the form teacher in 1948. She was tiny and wizen and appeared ancient. I think the science teacher was also the art teacher, a Miss HUGHES. She was excellent. I wrote to Miss BALDWIN, the retired headmistress, for some advice a few years after I left school. She invited me to tea in her home in old Speke.

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