St Joan of Arc

Hemans Street, Bootle


Off Rimrose Rd, parallel to Marsh Lane

St John Almond Catholic

Horrocks Avenue, Garston


Previously called Blessed John Almond, until John Almond was canonised. My father, Bill ROBERTS, taught here when it was a Secondary Modern. The Head was Mick McGARVEY.  I also remember Alec COLLINSON who taught classics I think.  Became a High School in the Catholic reorganisation of 1983.  The Head then was temporary - Mr J TAGUE.  The new Head came from St Margaret Clitherow.  Renamed St Benedict’s in 2005.

St John Bosco

Stonedale Crescent, Croxteth


Originally Mary Help of Christians; renamed in the Catholic reorganisation. 

St John the Baptist CE

Clifton Rd, East Tuebrook


Probably moved from Elleralie Rd. Corner with Simms Rd. This photo, from Linda GIBSON, was taken early 1950s.  Amalgamated with St Margaret’s Anfield in 1982, moving into new premises in Lower Breck Rd.  The Head - Mrs C M FRANCIS - became Head of the new St Margaret’s (Anfield) Infants.

St John

Admiral St


Listed in the 1873 Directory on corner with High Park St

St John the Baptist CE Ragged School (Industrial)

Wellington Rd, Toxteth Park


Marked on the 1848 OS map.  LRO holds undated plans for Ledward St and Wellington Rd - separate infant and junior schools.  1900 - average attendance 620 pupils.  Later known as Wellington Rd Secondary School.

St John the Evangelist CE

Rice Lane, Walton-on-the-Hill


Infants' school in 1900 - catering for about 250 pupils. Closed in 1991.

St John the Evangelist CE

Thomas Lane, Knotty Ash


Listed as separate infant and junior schools in 1859. enlarged in 1882 and 1897.  Now in a new building over the road - next to the church, known as Knotty Ash Primary.

St John's Catholic Primary

Sessions Rd, Kirkdale (Infants);  Fountains Rd, Kirkdale (Juniors)


Built to accommodate 1,300 pupils or so; LRO holds original plans (1877). The Secondary Modern closed in the 1980s.  Now a primary school.

St John's CE

Brasenose Rd, Bootle


Built for 1 100 children.  Listed in 1911.  Sometimes listed at St John's Terrace

St John's CE

Elleralie Rd, Tuebrook


Probably moved to Simms Rd and Clifton Rd East

St John's CE

Great Crosshall St

pre 1848

Actually listed on the 1848 map - so the 1855 must be a rebuild. Listed as separate infant and junior schools in 1859. LRO holds plans dated 1850 and 1854.  Still listed - at No 55 Great Crosshall St - in 1873.

St John's CE

Wellington St, Waterloo


1900 - just over 200 children of junior age.  The school has now moved to Denmark St - just around the corner from Wellington St and also off St John’s Place where the church was. 

St Joseph’s




St Joseph's Catholic School

Cazneau St, Rose Place


Listed in 1859. LRO has undated plans for St Joseph’s RC School in Cazneau St. Later known as Bishop Goss.

St Joseph’s RC.

Edenfield Crescent, Huyton


Linked with St Aidan’s and St Agnes. According to St Adian’s Parish webiste, the infants was factory built.  The Juniors’ was a more traditional method and so opened later.  The official opening was in 1967 by Bishop Harris.  Head of the Infants was Miss DOLAN and the Junior Head was Mr WELCH.

St Jude's CE

Low Hill and Hardwick St


Listed in Slater's Directory in 1859 with infants in Hardwick Street. Average attendance in 1900 - about 620 pupils.  Violet FORBES is registered as teaching at St Jude’s Low Hill from 1925, so it was still around at that time.

St Julie’s

Speke Rd, Woolton


Formed from the amalgamation of Notre Dame Woolton and La Sagesse

St Kevin’s, Kirkby



St Kevin’s, when it opened, was one of - if not the - largest comprehensives in the country.  It closed in 1973, amalgamating with St Gregory’s to form All Saints.  Head of St Kevin’s was K J MASTERS, who went on to become head of All Saints.

St Lawrence CE

Croylands St, Kirkdale


Average attendance in 1900 was over 1,000 pupils. The building is now Sheltered Accommodation.  Amalgamated in 1990 with Westminster Rd, and moved to that site. Subsequently amalgamated with Kirkdale into a new building

St Lucy's Home for Roman Catholic Girls

Holly Rd, Fairfield


1917 - 1924 catering for 20 - 35 girls - Ophthalmic Cases. Speculating that this maybe the site on which St Sebastian's currently stands.

St Luke's CE

Cropper St


Listed as separate Infant and Junior Schools in 1859.  Date an estimate; moved to Colquitt St (on the corner with Seel St) in the 1870s.  LRO holds updated plans

St Luke's CE

Great Crosby


Listed in Slater's 1859 Directory

St Malachy's Catholic

Park St


The church is in Beaufort St; school is listed as Robertson St in the 1911 Directory.  The school still stands, although there are more modern sections!  The Infants’ building was added in 1971.

St Margaret Clitherow Catholic

Ullet Rd


Originally Blessed Margaret Clitherow.  Closed in the 1983 Catholic Reorganisation, effectively amalgamating with St Anne’s Girls, St Martin’s Girls, St Winefride’s and Bellerive to form the new St Mary’s High School.  The Head - Miss C DAVIDSON - became Head of St John Almond High School in Garston.  The school was renamed Bellerive some years later and the Ullet Rd building is now used as the Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation.

St Margaret Mary’s Catholic

Pilch Lane


The Infants opened two years later in 1936, and the Secondary Modern in 1959.  The Secondary Modern closed in the reorganisation of September 1983.  The Boys went to Cardinal Heenan and the girls to Broughton Hall; the Head (Mr J A GIBBONS) became Head of Campion. The Primary School transferred Knowsley Local Authority in the early 1990s, when there were boundary changes in Local Government. 

St Margaret’s Princes Park

Upper Hampton Street


Listed as Princes Rd, Toxteth Park in 1900. There were 500 pupils altogether (Higher Grade).  Known as St Margaret, Princes Park until about five years ago.  The name now reflects the name of the church.  Thanks to Paul Young for the additional photo.

St Margaret’s CE (Anfield)

Lower Breck Rd


Primary school.

St Margaret's CE

Belmont Rd Anfield  

Rocky Lane; Lombard St (Higher Grade)   

Aigburth Rd




Boys in 1894; both girls and boys in 1900, boys only in 1911.  Caretaker then was Edward HAYHURST.  There was a Technical Instruction Centre too.  Terry HEATH tells me that in the 1930s / 40s it was a "Central" School, open only to boys who passed the Liverpool Education Board's Junior City Scholarship (11+). The mandatory school coat was black with white piping along edges and a SMA badge on the breast pocket.  Head in the late 1950s was Mr GRIMSHAW (thanks to Ailsa for this).  The school moved to Aigburth Rd, next to St Anne’s Church, in 1963. There were, however, no formal links with St Anne’s.

St Mark's CE School

Back Knight St and Roscoe St


Infant and Junior School - 2 separate institutions in 1859. LRO holds undated plans.  Off Roscoe St and Berry St

St Martin's CE

Blenheim St


In Slater's 1859 Directory this is listed as 3 separate schools - Infants, Main and Higher

St Martin’s RC Secondary Modern                                 

Upper Hill St, Toxteth (Boys); 

Dexter St, Toxteth  (Girls)


In the Catholic Reorganisation of 1983, the school effectively amalgamated with Cardinal Godfrey, St George’s, St Anne’s Boys, St Nicholas and St Thomas A Becket to form the new Nugent High School.  The Head, Mr J BURNS, retired and the building was demolished.  The Girls’ School effectively amalgamated with with St Anne’s Girls, St Margaret Clitherow, St Winefride’s and Bellerive to form the new St Mary’s High.  The Head, Miss J M LEATHERBARROW, retired.

St Mary Magdalene

Blandford St


Listed in the 1873 Directory - between London Rd and Islington. Mistress then was Jane Sephton PARSONS whose family lived next to the school.

St Mary's Catholic

Lower Milk St


Near Highfield St. Only Upper Milk St remains - probably the Leeds St rather than Tithebarn St end, but I could be wrong!  The LRO has undated plans for a St Mary’s in Ray St - can’t find this on a current map. The school closed in 1970, when it and the Holy Cross & St Mary’s were replaced by a new building.  The Head at the time was Miss H GARVEY.

St Mary's Catholic

St Mary's St, Woolton


Enlarged 1878. Replaced by the school in Watergate Lane - Much Woolton RC - in 1992.  The building is now a private nursery.

St Mary's CE

St Paul's Square


Listed in Slater's 1859 Directory

St Mary's CE Bootle

Field View, Bootle


Listed in Slater's 1859 Directory

St Mary's CE Bootle

Irlam Lane, Bootle


Built for about 900 primary aged pupils. Listed in 1873 as St Mary’s National Schools, between Strand Rd and Browne St.  Listed in 1906 as Bootle Industrial School, I think - between Irlam Rd and Marsh Lane.

St Mary's CE Bootle

Waverley St, Bootle



St Mary's CE Edge Hill

Highgate St


There was an earlier building which was listed on the corner of Highate St and Paddington in the 1873 Directory.  1884 building could accommodate 190 junior pupils; attendance 176 in 1894.

St Mary's CE Edge Hill

King St, Edge Hill


Infants listed separately - street address not given. LRO holds plans dated 1857 for High St and King St. Teachers are listed at High St from the 1820s (see Resources)

St Mary's CE Edge Hill

Kinglake St, Edge Hill


Girls' School listed in Slater's Directory in 1859 - linked with a Ragged School founded in 1856.  Listed in Kinglake St in 1873 as St Mary’s Schools for Girls, at No 24.  Moved to the new buildings in Walton Road in 1878; catered for about 70 pupils. In 1900 the matron was Miss Lillian HEARNE who was also matron at Sandheys Rd - listed as a separate institution.  Closed in 1903.  Premises originally in Stanley Road.

St Mary's CE Kirkdale

Archer St, Kirkdale (Junior Boys)

Everton Valley (Girls and Infants)


Close together; listed in Slater's Directory in 1859.  The Archer St building is listed in Gores 1911.  Also listed - Everton and Kirkdale Free School, CE.  St Mary’s National School in Everton Valley is listed in 1938, but not as a separate Girls’ School.

St Mary's CE Kirkdale

King St, Kirkdale


Listed in Slater's 1859 Directory

St Mary's CE Kirkdale

Walton Rd Kirkdale


Certified in 1870 closed in 1877. Premises later used for girls.

St Mary's CE Walton

Bedford St, Walton

Heathcote Rd, Walton


There was a Bedford St Missionary School listed in 1859 - any information on this?  Still on the same site - close to the Rice Lane flyover / Breeze Hill. St Mary’s Infants’ School is listed at Heathcote Rd, Walton next to St Mary’s Hall in 1938.

St Mary's CE Walton

Cherry Lane, Clubmoor West Derby


An infants' school; average attendance only 45 in 1894 and 30 in 1900! Head was Margaret POLLARD.  May be linked with the larger school, which was not far away.

St Mary's CE Wavertree

Rathbone Rd,  Wavertree Rd


Listed in Slater’s 1859 Directory, so in operation by that time.  The Rathbone Rd building was opened in October 1872, and the Wavertree Rd site (for Infants) in 1897. In 1891 John COOK was teaching there.  Kate CHARNOCK is also listed as living in Rathbone Rd, but may have been teaching elsewhere.  The school closed in 1990 when it amalgamated with St Bridget’s and Trinity to for Wavertree C of E on the site of the Trinity School in Rose Villas.  Liverpool Record Office holds parish records, but not school records.

St Mary's CE West Derby

Meadow Lane, West Derby


In 1900, the school was catering for about 500 pupils.  The school has its own website.

St Matthew & St James CE

Bridge Rd, Mossley Hill


Off Rose Lane.  Seemingly, next to the Sorting Office which is now in Pittville Rd.  About 120 pupils were attending in 1900.

St Matthew's Catholic

Queens Drive, Tuebrook


Built next to the church.  Was separate schools - infants downstairs, juniors upstairs.  Now a primary school.  Date approximate - anyone any definite information?

St Matthew’s RC Secondary Modern

Richard Kelly Drive, Walton


Closed in the Catholic Reorganisation of 1983.  The girls went to St John Bosco and the boys to De La Salle.  The Head, Mr M HUMPHREYS, went to St John Bosco too.

St Matthew’s

Hackin’s Hey


Picture of Liverpool Strangers Guide, written in 1834 tells us that the school admitted 120 boys and 130 girls - may have been linked to the school in Scotland Rd.

St Matthew's CE Everton

Scotland Rd


Listed in Slater's Directory in 1859 but 1900 Gore's Directory gives date as 1864.  However, it is marked on the 1848 map. Listed at Wilbraham St / Scotland Rd in 1911.

St Matthias CE

Great Howard St


Listed as separate infant and junior schools in 1859.  Still listed in 1911.

St Michael-in-the-Hamlet

Neilson Rd, Toxteth Park


The old school burned down in the late 1990s; now replaced after a period of time in mobile classrooms! 

St Michael's Catholic

York St, West Derby Rd

Guion Street, West Derby Rd



The church was officially opened by Bishop Goss in 1865; the school cane 7 years later.  It was enlarged 1876.  LRO holds undated plans for the original building in West Derby Rd. Moved from York St to new buildings in 1965 (Juniors) and 1977 (infants).   Jacqui remembers that the community raised the money for the new school in various ways.  Her father ran a sweep, and she collected the money each week.  She got the odd tip to top up her pocket money too!  John ARDREY, who attended the Guion St site, remembers watching the clock on Ogden’s Tobacco Factory, for the fingers to make it to 4pm!

St Michael's RC Secondary Modern

Mill Rd, Everton


Closed in the 1983 Catholic Reorganisation, effectively amalgamating with Queen of All Saints, Sacred Heart and St Ambrose Barlow to form Our Lady of Fatima High School.  The building became part of Our Lady’s.  The Head, Mr J KAVANAGH, became Head of St Brigid’s.

St Michael's CE

Lark Lane, Toxteth Park


Listed as St Michael’s Church Schools in the 1873 Directory, between Bickerton St and Hadassah Grove.  The school was taken over shortly after by Christ Church, Linnet Lane.  This is why the buildings here (photo) have Christ Church engraved on them, though. Interesting!    There is no longer a school associated with St Michael in the Hamlet Church; the school is non-denominational, run by Liverpool City Council.

St Michael's CE South

Cornwallis St,


On the corner with  Upper Frederick St. Listed in 1859; in 1873 known as ‘St Michael’s National Schools.  There was a separate Infant School then. Called St Michael's in 1894.  In 1900 about 330 pupils attended regularly

St Monica's Catholic Primary

Aintree Rd, Bootle


A good history of the school is included on the parish website.   The building was originally a fever hospital.  1938 - listed in Fernhill Rd, Bootle


St Nicholas

Church Rd, Halewood


Next to the church. Rebuilt or remodelled in 1876.  A new church school was built in 1964 as the population of the area increased, then in 1980 the school moved lock stock and barrel into a new site.

St Nicholas Catholic

Hawke St, Copperas Hill


Originally listed as a 'Catholic Charity School', opened as St Nicholas RC School in 1835. Run by the Sisters of Mercy in 1859 - the school site is very close to their convent on Hall Lane, which is linked to Sacred Heart  Enlarged 1896 and rebuilt in 1993.  The school is now located right by the Metropolitan Cathedral, and the old Irish Centre, in Orthes St.

St Nicholas RC Secondary Modern

Brownlow Hill


Closed in the Catholic Reorganisation of 1983. Most of the pupils - and the head, Mr J BOYCE, transferred to Nugent High School which was formed from the amalgamation of this school with Cardinal Godfrey, St Anne’s Boys, St George’s, St Martin’s Boys and St Thomas A Becket. The building was used for a while as part of the Nugent.

St Oswald's Catholic

St Oswald St, Old Swan;

Montague Rd Old Swan


May have been rebuilt in 1855 to accommodate 693 pupils. The original building is used for other purposes; there are separate Infant and Junior schools in more modern accommodation, the juniors in Montague Rd and the infants in St Oswald St. The photo here is of the old parish hall.

St Oswald's CE

Ronald Ross Avenue, Netherton



St Paschal Baylon Catholic

Chelwood Avenue, Childwall


Early 1970s building, now much extended with a nursery. There has been a lot of building in the area over the past 20 years.

St Patrick's Catholic

Hyslop St; Upper Hill St; Park Place


Opened in 1833 as the Benevolent Society of St Patrick.  Listed as Chester St in 1859. Girls’ and Infants’ Departments in Upper Hill St opened in 1910, and Park Place in 1927.  Hyslop St, which held up to 500 pupils in 1900,  and Park Place closed in 1981.

St Paul's Catholic

Bonsall Rd, West Derby


Originally in Bonsall Rd - next to the church, corner with Eaton Rd. Miss HICKEY served the school from 1902 to 31st October, 1944 when she retired.  The new Headteacher was Thomas P EGAN.  Mr EGAN was still Headteacher when Frank HITCHMOUGH went to the school in the early 1960s.  Frank writes:  “Mr O’CONNOR taught PE with Miss MORGAN teaching English. Both of these teachers moved the next with all students to the new Blessed Ambrose Barlow on Queens Drive across from the Jolly Miller”.  Moved into separate Infant (St Paul & St Timothy) and Junior (St Paul’s) buildings in South Parkside Drive and Spring Grove respectively - just down the road from Bonsall Rd. The old school building is now used as a nursery. 

St Paul's CE

Brasenose Rd,  Kirkdale


LRO holds plans dated 1855 - 1879, suggesting the school was extended. Catering for about 850 - 900 pupils in 1900.  Near the corner with St John's Rd

St Paul's CE

Byles St, Toxteth Park


Between Brancker St and Miles St, this school is linked with the 'Old Cropper's School'. LRO holds plans for Alfred St and Whittle St from 1853 onward, suggesting a lot of extension.  There is a St Paul’s Infants’ School listed in Whitfield St, Toxteth in the 1959 Directory - must be the same school.  Closed in the early 1970s

St Peter & St Paul’s Catholic




St Peter's

Upper Beau St


Infants' School listed in 1859

St Peter's Catholic

Seel St


There is a school listed in Gilbert St (parallel to Upper Frederick St, close to Seel St) in the 1872 Directory.  The Church was founded in 1788 and closed in 1978. It was attended by Benedictines from Ampleforth Abbey, York. The school had boys, girls and infants' departments.  Run by the Christian Brothers and the Sisters of Notre Dame.  Catered for just under 300 pupils. There was a new building in 1820.  Evacuated to Hoole, Chester during the Second World War

St Peter's CE

Church Rd, Much Woolton


Marked on the 1850 OS  map; rebuilt 1880 average attendance almost 500 in 1900. Later became Much Woolton CE (see photo); now known as Bishop Martin Primary School - housed in newer buildings.

St Peter's CE

Greenwich Rd, Aintree


another small school; 50 children on roll in 1894 even fewer in 1900.

St Peter's CE

Sackville St, Everton


Listed as separate Infant and junior schools in Slater's 1859 Directory. Average attendance about 700 in 1900.  Liverpool Record Office holds Admission and Withdrawal books from 1853, as well as log books from 1872.  The school closed in 1972, most of the pupils transferring to St George’s CE, Heyworth St.  The building was later demolished.

St Philip's CE

Church Rd,  Litherland


Between Orrell Rd and Moor Lane, close to the docks at Seaforth.  Enlarged in 1885.  Junior pupils at Church Rd, infants at Linacre Rd. Now a Primary school located at the Church Rd site.

St Philomena’s Catholic

Sparrow Hall Lane, Fazakerley (Primary) Long Lane, Fazakerley (Secondary Modern)


For the Primary School, is now called ‘Our Lady & St Philomena’s.  The current building dates from the mid 1950s.  The secondary school closed in the 1983 Catholic Reorganisation.

St Pius X RC

Cranmer St


Closed in the Catholic Reorganisation of 1983, effectively amalgamating with English Martyrs and Campion to form the new Campion High School.  The Head, Mr J HEARTY, became Head of Pope John Paul High School.  The building was later demolished.

St Polycarp's CE

Conway St, Everton


Although this was the smallest parish in Liverpool, there were nearly 1,000 pupils attending in 1900. Marked on 1906 map. Also listed as Gordon St.

St Raymond's

Harrop's Croft, Bootle



St Richard's Catholic

Merton Road, Bootle


Amalgamated with St Winefride’s, Merton Rd and probably became All Saints

St Robert Bellarmines

Harris Drive, Bootle


Catholic School, listed in the 1938 Directory. The school celebrated its 75th Anniversary in 2011.

St Saviour's CE

Downing St,  Everton


Rebuilt for 1020 children in 1899.  It was a primary school for boys and girls in the 1930s. Closed in 1972, most of the children transferring to Whitefield Rd.  The building was demolished.  The Headteacher, Mr J TUPMAN, had been a pupil at the school, and his children went there too.  He retired but asked to take on the role of Diocesan Advisor on Religious Education for the South of the region.  He retired in 1978.

St Saviour's CE

Upper Canning St, Toxteth


LRO holds plans for Crown St / Molyneux St and Upper Canning St, from about 1856. Schoolhouse next door in Canning St. In 1873, teachers were Peter LAYCOCK and Mary Ellen MYERS. The school catered for about 700 pupils in 1900.

St Sebastian's Catholic

Lockerbie Rd, Holly Rd, Fairfield


School moved to Holly Rd in 1980.  There have been lots of schools in Holly Rd over the years, like St Lucy’s.  There are histories of the school on the school and parish websites!

St Silas CE

Pembroke St


Listed as separate infant and junior schools in 1859. Address then given as Pembroke Place which is near the old Royal Infirmary. Liverpool Record Office has records from 1889-1914.  This photograph is of Peter CONWAY’s grandmother, who lived in Pembroke Place itself. 

St Silas CE

St Silas St, Toxteth Park


Now based in High Park St.  LRO holds plans for building dated 1869, and records from 1903-1945.  Gill BROMLEY explained that although the address was High Park St, most pupils used the entrance in Pengwern St.  Separate infant and junior schools until the early 1990s when the schools amalgamated under the leadership of Pete STEPHENS.

St Simon's CE

Bolton St


In 1857 listed as separate infant and primary schools in Bolton St; built earlier, but date not available

St Simon's CE

Bronte St


In 1857 listed in Bolton St. LRO holds plans for Lord Nelson St / Hotham St dated 1857. Listed in Bronte St from 1894. Bronte St runs between Copperas Hill and Brownlow Hill - round the Sorting Office, close to Lord Nelson St. Other side of Lime St Station to Bolton St. Wonder if it was built on the site of the Welsh Charity School.

St Simon's CE

Hotham St


In 1857 listed in Bolton St. LRO holds plans for Lord Nelson St / Hotham St dated 1857 (so presumable built later). Moved to Bronte St

St Simon's CE

Lord Nelson St


In 1857 listed in Bolton St. LRO holds plans for Lord Nelson St / Hotham St dated 1857 (so presumable built later). Moved to Bronte St

St Stephen's CE

Byrom St,  Cartwright Place


Between Cartwright Place and Byrom Terrace. Junior pupils - no infants.

St Stephen's the Martyr CE

Smithdown Lane


Originally based in Mason St. Listed as separate infant and junior schools in 1859. Moved to Smithdown Place in 1873; LRO has undated plans for the building. There were about 500 pupils then.  Listed in 1911 too

St Stephen's CE Childwall

Halewood Rd,  Gateacre


altered in 1891. Known as Gateacre in 1859 (I think) then Little Woolton (address given as Grange Lane, Gateacre) in 1873, close to the cross.   Listed as Childwall in 1894 and St Stephen's in 1900.  Marked on the 1905 map - it looks quite large. It is located very close to the crossroads at the centre of the village.

St Swithin's Catholic

Parkstile Lane, Gill Moss

Croxteth Hall Lane (Secondary Modern)


Built for 120 pupils; 65 attending regularly in 1900.   The building in current use was opened in 1959.  Amalgamated with another school; now known as Our Lady & St Swithin’s

The Secondary Modern closed in the Catholic Reorganisation of 1983.  The boys (and the building!) became part of De La Salle; the Head, Mr J A MORGAN went to De La Salle too.  The girls transferred to St John Bosco.

St Sylvester's Catholic

Silvester St, Titchfield St


I can never remember which is spelt with a y and which with an i.  Hope this is the right way round!  The schools opened in May 1874, before the Church.  Enlarged at a cost of 2,200 in 1900. A site for a new building was acquired some 15 years later. However, new schools were not opened until 1971 although the old school buildings had been condemned since before the Second World War!  Headteacher during the 1940s and 1950s was Joe COGHLAN; the school was particularly famous for its football teams.  See The Scottie Press for details!  Amalgamated with St Anthony's in 1991 to form Mother Teresa Primary School, which in turn amalgamated with St Gerard's and Our Lady of Reconciliation in 2004 to become The Trinity Primary School

St Teresa of Lisieux Catholic Infants

Utting Avenue East


Originally 2 separate infant schools - St Teresa and Lisieux. Lisieux was built two years later than St Teresa’s, on the same site.  The two schools amalgamated recently.

St Teresa's Catholic Juniors

Utting Avenue East


Next to the Church

St Teresa’s RC Secondary Modern

Storrington Ave


Closed in the Catholic Reorganisation of 1983.  The Head, Mr CULLEN, retired and the school effectively split, the boys joining De La Salle and the girls going to St John Bosco.  The buildings became part of the St John Bosco site, and were in use until 1991.

St Thomas a Becket Catholic High School

Longview Drive, Huyton


Formed from the amalgamation of St Augustine of Canterbury and Gonzaga School (St Aloysious parish).  Opened by Archbishop Derek WORLOCK.  Now a wing of St Edmund of Canterbury School.

St Thomas Becket Catholic Secondary Modern (Boys)

Spekeland Rd, Wavertree


Closed in the Catholic Reorganisation of 1983.  The school effectively amalgamated with Cardinal Godfrey, St Anne’s Boys, St George’s, St Martin’s Boys and St Nicholas to form the new Nugent High School.  The Head at the time, Mr F GILL, retired.

St Thomas

Mount Vernon Green


Listed in the 1873 Directory, between Doddridge St and Horsley St.  Close to Sacred Heart and the Convent of Mercy. A Catholic school.  Nick CAVANAGH has a fabulous piece of work his Great Grandfather produced for his parents, possibly under the guidance of Mr MUCH.  Indebted to Nick for this one - I’d never heard of it.

St Thomas Catholic

Gardner's Row


Also called St Thomas' & William's. Road runs from Leeds St to Bevington Bush, near Leeds St junction with Scotland Rd  - mistresses of girls and infants were sisters of Notre Dame.  Still listed in Gore’s Directory of 1911, when there were over 300 infants and 320 juniors.

St Thomas Catholic

Oxford Rd, Waterloo


Enlarged 1893; LRO holds records for the original building, dated 1871.  Later called St Edmund's and St Thomas'; attended by Cherie Booth.  Now amalgamated with St Edmund’s.

St Thomas CE

Grafton St, Toxteth and Upper Frederick St


May be linked to the North Church of England School in Upper Frederick St / Cornwallis St.   Not mentioned later. LRO has plans for St Thomas School, Toxteth Park dated 1844.   The Upper Frederick St site was listed in the 1859 directory - it must have been very new!  It was quite small - under 200 junior and infant children. LRO has plans for St Thomas School, Toxteth Park dated 1844. Listed at Grafton St, on its corener with Warwick St,  in the 1873 Directory.  The two sites are very close

St Thomas CE

Thompson Rd and Bedford Place, Seaforth


The Thompson Rd site was built for 1300 older children. Linked to William Gladstone CE? Some information on the Litherland Town website

St Titus CE

Portland St


Junior and Infant pupils. LRO holds plans dated 1867.

St Vincent de Paul Catholic

Norfolk St; Pitt St


The schools were paid for by Edward Chaloner, who bought a disused Methodist Church in Jordan St, furnished it as a school and handed it over to the parish. He may be linked with St Austin’s too. This was later demolished. New ‘Chaloner Schools’ were built in Norfolk Street. They were enlarged in 1893 to accommodate 1,250 pupils. 800 on roll in 1900. This was my father’s first teaching post, after the war. The current primary school in Pitt Street was opened in September 1955. One of the streets in the area is still called Chaloner St.

St Vincent’s School for the Blind (Catholic)

Yew Tree Lane, West Derby


Founded (as the Catholic Blind Institute) in a house at number 16, Islington. Moved to St Anne St in 1851, then Brunswick Street in 1866. As it grew, it was decided to build separate accommodation for the children. Originally, boys and girls alternated for six month periods. In 1927 a boys' wing was added so that all children could be at the school all the time

St Wilfred's

Orrell Road, Litherland



St William & St Thomas Catholic

Edgar St


Listed in 1859

St Winefride’s RC Secondary Modern

Park St, Toxteth


Closed in the Catholic Reorganisation of 1983, effectively amalgamating with St Anne’s Girls, St Margaret Clitherow, St Martin’s Girls and Bellerive to form the new St Mary’s High School.  The Head at the time was Sister Mary Stephan (Miss M HUMPHREYS) who retired.  The building was later demolished.

St Winefride’s

Church View, Bootle; Merton Rd, Bootle


Infant School, separate boys' and girls' school on the opposite (West) side of the street.  Now amalgamated with St James, Chesnut Grove, as All Saints Primary.

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