Daisy St

Daisy St, Kirkdale


The School Board passed a motion to build the school in January 1881. Listed in Kelly's 1894 Directory. Near Netherfield Rd, there was also an extension in Fountains Rd.  Ken ROBERTS attended this school; he recalls that it had a separate Catholic section, with separate staff, Headteacher and even playground.  Amalgamated with Fonthill Rd in 1978.

Daulby, Misses

Shiel Park


In March, 1826, the Misses DAULBY kept a Ladies’ School in a large white house in the corner of Shiel Park.  This is listed in ‘Streets of Liverpool’ (first published 1869), but I have so far found no other reference to it!  DAULBYs living in Chatham St ran a Ladies’ School - wonder if this was it, rather than the actual house?

De la Salle Catholic Boys' School

Carr Lane East


This school was run by the Christian Brothers; it amalgamated with other schools (St Philomena’s Boys, St Matthew’s Boys, St Swithin’s Boys and St Teresa’s Boys) in 1983. Brother ALBAN was head in the 1970s

Dingle Lane

Dingle Lane


Renamed Matthew Arnold at some point before 1920.

Dog and Gun Infants’ School

Carr Lane, West Derby


Listed as National Schools (Good Shepherd) in 1911.  Closed in 1923.   I think the children transferred to West Derby CE, which was later renamed St Mary’s West Derby.

Dove St

Dove St


Originally part of St Clement’s, this new single-storey school building (the infants' department) of 1863 was actually an extension built adjacent to the original building.  The Juniors was closed in 1934, but the infants' department survived to become an annexe to Tiber St County Primary, which was just round the corner.  It became an Infants’ School s own right in 1970, but closed in 1997, when pupils transferred to Tiber St.  Thanks to Ken ROBERTS for his meticulous research.


Winstone Rd

Grant Rd


Listed in Winstone Rd in the 1938 Directory. The school was rebuilt in 2002.

Dovecot Special School

Pilch Lane, Knotty Ash


Opened in 1911; from then until it closed in 1923 the school catered for 40 - 55 pupils.


Herondale Rd,  Allerton


Opened in a temporary building in 1908. 1200 or so pupils attended daily at that time. The Infants’ building is listed as 1915, and cost 12,573 including the site, the building and the furniture!  The current building dates from 1937 - probably rebuilt in the 1930s; boys only from 1939 - 1967.  Most famous pupils - John Lennon and George Harrison.  The school has its own website.

Druid's Cross Reformatory School for Girls

Wavertree,  Liverpool


This school seems to have had a brief life - from 1916 when it opened for 1916. Despite extensions it was closed before 1920.

Duke St Ragged School

Duke St


An industrial ragged school. Not listed in 1911, so probably closed by then.

Duncombe Rd



See Gilmour

Dyson Hall



Residential Special School for boys with emotional and behavioural difficulties. Now closed

Earle Rd

Earle Rd, Edge Hill


Originally separate infant and junior schools, near the top of Earle Rd.  Practising school for Edge Hill Training College.  There was an annexe in Bective St. Amalgamated with Chatsworth St to form Smithdown Primary in 1998 / 1999.  The infants moved to the Juniors’ building in 1998, when their building was demolished.  All pupils moved to Smithdown (Chatsworth St) in 2000; the old building was demolished soon after.

East Prescot Rd

East Prescot Rd, Knotty Ash


Still housed in prefabs.

Edge Hill School

Brae St (Infants and Girls’ Secondary); Durning Rd (Boys’ Secondary)


There were Primary and Secondary schools. The Girls’ Secondary Modern was the first to close, in 1973, when it amalgamated with Newsham Secondary into Fairfield Secondary Modern. The Head, Miss C E WATSON, transferred to Fairfield.  When it closed in 1982, the head of the infants was Mrs O B WALSH. She remained with Kensington Infants which used the old Edge Hill Secondary Girls’. The Boys’ Secondary school closed in 1982. Pupils were scattered, many of them going to New Heys. The Head, Mr A H THOMAS retired, and the building was used for a time as part of Old Swan Technical College.

Eileen Craven



Originally Teulon St; renamed after one of its Headteachers.  Amalgamated with Major Lester to form Hope Valley in 1997.


Ellergreen Rd, Norris Green


Ellergreen became a Technical Commercial High School in 1948; children had to pass an examination to be admitted (thanks to Mrs KEMP for this information).  Later on Ellergreen amalgamated with Abbotsford Rd in 1967 to form Ellergreen Comprehensive.  It closed in 1991.  The building was then used by Clubmoor until being adapted as an Early Years Centre.  There is now a new building.

Emanuel CE

Mill Rd, Everton


LRO holds 1870 plans. 1900 - about 600 pupils of junior and infant age. Linked with St Chrysostom's


Balliol Rd, Bootle


Congregational Church and schools - between Hawthorne Rd and Stanley Rd. Listed in 1911.

Emmaus RC & CE

Fir Tree Drive South, Croxteth


An ecumenical school serving both Catholic and Church of England pupils

English Martyrs Catholic

Fountains Rd, Kirkdale


In 1983, amalgamated with St Pius X and Campion to form the new Campion High School. The Head, Mr A SHORT, went to Nugent Catholic High School. The building was used by Notre Dame for a while.

English Martyrs Catholic

School Lane, Litherland


Between Sefton Rd and Church Rd.  Website

Ernest Brown Junior Instruction Centre

 Durning Rd


All I know about this school is that it was in the Durning Rd area, and it was bombed in the early 1940s.

Ernest Cookson

Mill Lane,  Everton


A school for boys with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, in the north of Liverpool.  Named after Alderman Ernest COOKSON who lived in West Derby, and bought ‘Lowlands’, a Grade II listed building build in the 1840s. He sold the house to the West Derby Community Association.   Those of you who are interested in Beatles links will like this one!

Evered Avenue Central

Evered Avenue, Walton


Listed as separate Boys’ and Girls’ schools in the 1938 Directory. Boys’ Headmaster was Sidney GOOCH; Girls’ Headmistress was Miss Elizabeth ROBERTSON.  Closed 2001.  Building used by Archbishop Beck (lower) until the school was single sited.  The building reverted back to the trustees.

Everton Boys' Industrial School

Soho St, 96 & 98


Opened as Liverpool Industrial Ragged Schools for “rescuing destitute and abandoned boys and girls from present wretchedness and vice and from future criminality”. The children lived at the school. Supported by voluntary contributions and capitation grant from the Government and Local Authorities. Average number maintained 200 boys and 100 girls; Catholic children were not admitted - but is it unlinked to the Boys' Refuge in Soho St? Contradictory evidence. Also listed in 1859 at Everton Terrace and at Netherfield Rd South (opened in 1864)

Everton Catholic

Northumberland St


Enlarged 1888. Same as Our Lady Immaculate? Listed separately.

Everton Park



Amalgamated with St George’s to for The Beacon Primary School

Everton Rd Early Childhood Centre

Spencer St,  Everton


In 1938 there were services for children listed in Everton Rd - the ADAM CLIFF East Liverpool Nursery for Children, and the Education Board School Clinic - on the corner with Plumpton St.   Became the Early Childhood Centre in 2002

Everton Terrace Industrial Ragged School

Everton Terrace


Listed in 1873; superintendent then was John S GRANT. There was also a home and workshop on Everton Terrace, on the other side, further down

Everton Valley

Everton Valley


Run by the Notre Dame order. Listed in 1873

Fairfield (Kensington) CE

Cottenham St


In 1894 also listed in Denman St. Average attendance - 600 pupils. Listed in Denman St in 1935 too.


Shiel Rd


A Board School is listed on this site in 1900. and in 1938 on the corner of Cottenham St and Molyneux Rd as Fairfield CE Schools.  Formed in 1973 from the amalgamation of Edge Hill Girls’ and Newsham Girls and located in the old Newsham building.  Closed in 1983 re-organisation. The Head, Mrs I BRAIN, went to St Hilda’s as 2nd Deputy; the children went to Archbishop Blanch or Stanley Park Comprehensive. The building was used by Social Services, I think.

Fairfield Institute for Boys

Sheil Rd


Listed in 1894 and 1900 at 22 Sheil Rd.  Principal Rev Robert SCOTT


Formosa Drive


Listed in 1938 at Formosa Drive on the corner with Formosa Way as ‘Junior Girls’. Separate Infant and Junior schools amalgamated in this new building in 2001.

Fazakerley High School

Sherwoods Lane,  Fazakerley


Became a Community Comprehensive in 1985, retaining the Headteacher of the Secondary School, Mr A S RICHMOND.

Fazakerley National School

Higher Lane


Marked on the 1906 map; schoolmistress at the time was Miss Selina M WARWICK. She would have been over 70, and was born in Cambridge.  The school is still listed in 1938.

Fazakerley Open Air School

Higher Lane


A school for delicate children. First Headteacher was Miss Elizabeth ANDERSON.  The school closed in the 1990s.

Finch Park

Fincham Rd


Secondary Modern in the Dovecot area; linked with Colwell Rd.  Renamed Yewtree in 1967 (thanks to Barbara JONES for this)

Fincham County Primary



See Colwell

Florence Institute (The Florrie)

Mill St, Dingle


Built as a memorial to the daughter of Sir Bernard Hall, as a ‘place of recreation and instruction’. Now derelict; there is a campaign to Save the Florrie. 

Florence Melly Primary

Bushey Rd,  Walton


Built on a square, with a verandah around the outside.  Remodelled in the 1970s; the original building was recently demolished and replaced with a brand new PFI.

Fonthill Rd

Fonthill Rd,  Kirkdale


Corner of Rumney Rd. Average attendance 1,200 in 1900. Amalgamated with Daisy St in 1978 to become Kirkdale Primary School. The Head at the time was Mr J C LLOYD.

Fountains Rd

Fountains Rd, Kirkdale


Opened in connection with Daisy St school, catering for Junior Boys and Infants. The building was rented by the Board from the trustees of the Union Presbyterian Chapel. Average attendance in 1903 was 130.

Friary Catholic

Bute St


Linked to St Mary of the Angels. Now Faith Primary School. Relocated October 2010 to a brand new building on the site of Campion School on Prince Edwin St.

Friend's School

Hackin's Hey


Listed in 1859

Garston National School

Kettle Nook


This building was completed before The Bluecoat.  James HOLME was Vicar of Garston at the time, and that meant he was also Headmaster of Much Woolton Primary on School Lane.  By 1717 Rev John NORRIS was listed as 'prinicpal teacher in the Free School at Garston. The building may have been replaced in 1819, and was in use until 1864.

Garston National School

School St, Garston (off Banks Rd)


Enlarged in 1884. There were three schools - Boys, Girls and Infants. In 1990 nearly 1200 pupils were attending this school. Marked on the 1905 map, listed in Gores 1911. 

Garston CE

Holman Road


Children moved into the new building in June, from Banks Rd.  Garston National School became Garston CE!  Barbara PRICE has written a great book on the history of Garston CE - to which I will do justice during the summer holidays!

Garston RC



See St Francis of Assisi

Garston Technical School

Chapel St, Garston


Corner with Wellington Rd. On the 1906 map

Garston Wesleyan Methodist

Island Rd


Linked to Gilmour and New Heys.  LRO holds records for Infant and higher schools from 1871 - 1909. Garston CE reports that pupils who transferred from this school had learnt no grammar! Fortunately, this is no longer the case. Later listed as / relocated to Duncombe Rd, I think

Gateacre Comprehensive

Grange Lane


Officially opened in 1962; Linda WOODS still has the memorial book, and some early school magazines in which she wrote about a visit to The Cavern! The school became a Community Comprehensive in 1985, under the leadership of Mr W D A HALL.

Gilmoss Catholic School

Parkstile Lane


Headteacher at one time was Wilfred MURRAY.  Changed its name to Our Lady & St Swithins in 1983.

Gilmour, Garston

Southbank Rd (Infants);  Duncombe Rd (Juniors); Heath Rd (Senior)


Transformed from Garston Wesleyan School. LRO holds records from 1909 for Duncombe Rd. Heath Rd became New Heys in the comprehensive reorganisation of 1967, amalgamating with Gilmour Girls (probably based at Duncombe Rd) and New Heys Girls, Mather Avenue..

Girls' Industrial School

Northumberland Terrace, Everton


Run by Liverpool Board. Listed in 1911; matron - Miss Constance Amelia LEVER

Girton House

Sheil Rd, Fairfield


Listed at 18 Sheil Rd in 1900; taken over by the LUMBY family before 1911 at 82 Sheil Rd, between Huntley Rd and Radstock Rd.


Longview, Huyton


Secondary school for St Aloysius.  Amalgamated with St Augustine of Canterbury to form St Thomas a Beckett in tgh 1980s.

Granby St

Granby St,  Toxteth Park


Eleanor Rathbone was appointed manager of this school in the late 1890s. Closed in 1999 when it amalgamated with Tiber St. Lots of photos on Mersey Gateway

Granton Rd

Granton Rd,  Everton


On the corner of Granton Rd and Davy St.  Listed in Kelly's 1894 Directory. Apparently took the name ‘Breckfield’ with Venice St School in 1928; it was still known as Granton Rd well after this date. The school celebrated its centenary in 1980 (I know, depends when they - or Gore’s Directory - started counting!).  It has since closed.  Close to Anfield - the school and the stadium! Photo copyright Liverpool Record Office.

Great Crosby

Forefield Lane


Listed in the 1938 Directory

Great George Square Catholic

Great George Square (Convent)


Based in the Convent of the Sisters of Mercy who ran many schools.  Linked to the development of Bellerive.

Great George St Chapel School

Bedford St


A school for infants in 1859.

Great Homer

Prince Edwin St,  Everton


See Nash Grove, Campion, Welsh Calvinist Methodist

Great Oxford St School

Great Oxford St North


A school for infants in 1859. Presbyterian


Mossley Ave


Formed from the amalgamation of Lidderdale Infants and Morrison Juniors.


Beechwood Rd, Garston


An assessment centre for children with special needs - now located at Matthew Arnold School in the Dingle.

Grey St

Grey St, Bootle


Marged passed on this photo of Grey St Infants, late 1950s

Gwladys St

Walton Lane Anfield


Very close to Goodison Park Football Ground, home of Everton FC. Originally in connection with Arnot St, opened as Gwladys St in 1912.

Halsall Girls’ National School

Cooks’ Rd, Great Crosby


Listed in the 1938 Directory

Hamilton & Baron

Brunswick Rd,  Chapel Place


Listed in 1859

Harold Magnay



Special School in Woolton, for pupils with physical disabilities.  Amalgamated with Springwood to form Springwood Heath.  Building is now Woolton High


Stanhope St,  Toxteth Park


Established by Rev John YATES for the education of the poor children of Toxteth Park, irrespective of their religion, supported by subscription. Transferred to the Board in 1877 and completely rebuilt in 1878. The school was enlarged and redeveloped a number of times during the final quarter of the 19th Century. In 1903 there were rooftop and basement playgrounds, a cookery room, plunge bath, art room and a room which was to be fitted up as a chemical laboratory. Closed in 1984; building subsequently demolished

Harrison Jones County Primary

West Derby St


The Primary School closed in 1983.  There are some pages from the girls’ log book for this school on the Mersey Gateway site.  Attended by Frankie ABELSON (Frankie Vaughan), my friend Alan GREEN and his mother Dolly (who was in the same class as Frankie ABELSON) and site contributor Brian REYNOLDS. Brian and Alan remember headteacher Mr RIGBY. An expert in the use of the cane, he would catch the fingertips and then return the cane so quickly he got the back of the hand as well. Other teachers in the 1950s included Miss MARSHALL and Miss DORAN.  Ex-pupil Alan MURPHY has contributed this page on the school.  The school closed at 2 days’ notice from the Government, in 1983.  There was a temporary head - Mrs B FORSTER - who transferred to Kensington Infants.

Hartington Rd

Hartington Rd


A free school, in connection with Bective St. From 1898 - 1900 the school was located at the Balfour institute in Smithdown Rd, but received notice to quit., The Board therefore tented these premises from Hartington Rd Congregational Church. 

Hatton Hill

Alwyn Avenue, Litherland


Near Gorsey Lane.  Website

Hawthorne Rd Council Schools

Hawthorne Rd, Bootle


Listed in the 1938 Directory, at No 452, between Sussex St and Aintree Rd.

Heath Rd School

Heath Rd, Allerton


Heath Rd School for Senior Boys is listed in the 1938 Directory on the corner of Heath Rd and Mather Avenue.  Also known as Gilmour

Hebrew Higher Grade School

Bedford St North


Located at Number 61 Bedford St North.  Master in 1916 was Jacob Samuel FOX, PhD

Hebrew Institute

Suffolk St, Nelson St, Hope Place


The school moved to Hope Place (corner with Pilgrim St) in 1854; it was there for over 100 years.  In 1911 the Headmaster was Solomon LEVI, who set up a Jewish history group.  The keeper was listed as George GUTTSCHALK.  At the time, there were about 1,458 infant and junior children daily. Also attended by Frankie ABELSON (VAUGHAN)

Hey Green Council School

Broxton St, Taunton St


In the Wavertree area - close to Picton Rd.  Opened between 1903 and 1911.  Caretaker in 1911 - Frederick TRAVIS. Recently demolished to make way for a brand new building, which opened in 2003.

Heyworth St

Heyworth St, Everton


Between Copeland St and Cochrane St, according to Gore’s Directory.  The Infants closed in 1970, when they amalgamated with Steers St to form Everton Park Infants.  The Juniors followed suit in 1975. 

Hickie & Johns

Mulberry St


The address 17a is not on 1851 census. The school is not listed in the 1853 Gore’s Directory, but is listed in Slater’s 1859. There is no school at this address in 1861, as far as I can see.

Highfield Comprehensive

Queens Drive, L13


Became Broadgreen Community Comprehensive in 1985. Temporary Head at the time - Mr A NAYLOR - retired.

Hightown Truants’ School



The first of its kind in the country!  The school could accommodate 80 Protestant and 80 Catholic pupils.  In 1902 there were 40 Protestants and 44 Catholics, with separate staff.

Hill St Ragged School

Hill St, Toxteth Park


An industrial school, listed in Slater’s 1859 Directory

Hillfoot Hey

School Lane, Woolton


I remember this school from my own days at school in Woolton. A school is listed in Hillfoot Hey in the 1901 census. The school closed in 1985 when it amalgamated with Speke Comprehensive. head at the time was Mr A H McCLELLAND, who became head of New Heys. The building has now been demolished.

Hillside High

Breeze Hill, Bootle


The school is still there, at the opposite end of the Rice Lane flyover from Alsop

Holly Lodge

Queens Drive, West Derby


The school was originally fee-paying.  The first Headteacher was Miss DRUMMOND.   It has expanded somewhat and now has its own website with pictures of buildings many ex students will recognise!  (NB as of Feb 28th 2010 the site is being reconstructed - will update when it is complete).  There is also a page on the PortCities site about Holly Lodge.


Greenbank Rd


A Preparatory School for Boys, on the corner with Streatham Ave; Principal in 1911 was Christopher RATHBONE

Holmbrook Special



Closed 1986.  Site now occupied by Palmerston

Holt Comprehensive

Queen’s Drive; Olive Mount; Thingwall Rd (Art Annexe)


Originally Sefton Park School, moved to Queens Drive.  Closed in 1985 when it amalgamated with Childwall Valley Girls’ School to become Childwall Community Comprehensive. the Head - Mr J NICHOLSON - became head of the new school.

Holy Cross Catholic

Fontenoy St and Hunter St


LRO holds undated plans for the building in Fontenoy St.  Listed in Fontenoy St in 1873.  It was altered 1896.  In 1903 girls and infants were taught at Fontenoy St and boys at Hunter St.  In the late 1980s when Bishop Goss closed, most children transferred here.

Holy Family Catholic

Leyfield Rd, West Derby


Must be the same as Leyfield RC - surely!  Blackmoor Park Infant and Junior schools are located on Leyfield Rd now. There was no school marked there on the 1906 map. 

Holy Family Catholic High

Virgin's Lane, Thornton



Holy Ghost Catholic

Poulsom Drive, Netherton


Also listed as Holy Spirit

Holy Name Catholic

Mosspits Lane, Fazakerley



Holy Rosary Catholic Primary

Aintree Lane, Litherland


Near the junction with Ormskirk Rd and Copy Lane. Currently on two sites - infants and juniors.

Holy Rosary Catholic Primary

Oriel Rd, Litherland


Near the junction with Ormskirk Rd and Copy Lane. Currently on two sites - infants and juniors.

Holy Trinity Catholic

Banks Road,  Garston


Not marked on the 1905 map of the area. My uncle, Tommy LOGAN, was headteacher for a time in the 1960s.  The school has its own website.

Holy Trinity CE

Prince Alfred Rd,  Wavertree


Enlarged 1883 and 1887. Listed as Trinity District in 1911. Building is still there today much refurbished as Wavertree C of E

Holy Trinity CE

Richmond Park, Breck Rd


Listed in Slater’s 1859 Directory; presumably enlarged in 1860 and then again in 1893. Listed elsewhere as Anfield, and Walton Breck. Closed due to falling rolls in 1983 when the children transferred to St Margaret’s Anfield. The temporary Head - Mrs M WEIGHTS - went to St John the Evangelist. The building was demolished.

Holy Trinity CE

Wilton St


Listed as an infant school in 1859. National school in 1894; listed as a temporary Board School in 1900 linked with Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity CE Toxteth

Ashwell St,  Toxteth Park


Founded by Rev. Henry Postance. In 1900 - catering for about 360 pupils. Public Elementary Schools, nr Beaufort St. and St James' Place

Holy Trinity CE Toxteth

Beaufort St


One of 4 schools founded by Rev Ponstance. Originally an Industrial & Ragged School; in 1900, catering for about 250 pupils

Holy Trinity CE Toxteth

Grafton St, Toxteth Park


Industrial School for boys. Founded by Rev. Henry Ponstance. Opened for 200 boys and girls.  In 1877 the girls were removed  to Everton Terrace.  Closed in 1928. Originally housed in were four private houses in the docks area; numbers of the houses vary according to which Directory you look at - 73 - 79 or 78 & 79. May have been renumbered at some point.

Holy Trinity CE Toxteth

Nile Street


Industrial School for Girls. Founded by Rev. Henry Postance of Holy Trinity. Listed at 12 Nile St in 1900. Certified in 1885 for 80 girls; later went to 30 pupils and later still (1925) for 60 mixed. It was formed from 2 houses, other buildings and a playground.

Homersham and Harwood

Paradise St


Nautical School, listed in 1890

Hope School

Naylorsfield Drive Netherley


There was previously a school called ‘Wheathill’ on the site.

Hope St Council School

Upper Hope Place


Records and minutes start from 1855.  The log books start from 1862 (Girls and Mixed Infants), a bit later for boys.  I think the school closed in the mid to late 1930s.

Hope St Unitarian Higher Grade School

Caledonia St


Linked to Hope St Unitarian Church, next to Sheltering Home for Destitute Children

Hope Valley

Walton Breck Rd


Formed from the amalgamation of Eileen Craven School in Walton and Major Lester School on Walton Breck Rd. 2010 - amalgamated with Breckfield to form Four Oak School.

Hunter St Free School

Hunter St


Built by Stephen WATERWORTH.  Listed in 1800 as a Charity School.  In 1859, referred to as an Endowed School; the endowment was from the estate of Frances WATERWORTH.  There is a school marked on the 1906 map, backing onto Cuerdon St. Could be the same one.  May be linked with Holy Cross in Fontenoy St, according to the Directory in 1911.

Hunts Cross

Kingsthorne Rd


Built as Kingsthorne.  Mavis attended in the late 1940s and remembers ‘Miss Evans was the head and she was very handy with the cane had sore hand on many occasions for silly little things - mind you, didn't do me any harm.  Then a Miss Campbell’.  The school changed its name to Hunts Cross in 1970; Infant and junior schools amalgamated about 1990.

Huyton CE (infants)

Derby Rd,  Huyton; Station Rd, Roby


Listed as Huyton with Roby in 1955. There were schools on both sites.

Huyton CE

Damhouse Lane


Not listed at this address in 1955.

Huyton Hey

Seel Rd, Huyton


Listed as a secondary modern school in 1955.

Huyton Hill

Victoria Rd, Huyton


Terry POTTER has been researching this. The school was a big house in Victoria Rd that housed 50 odd pupils when started and they acquired more property as the school expanded.  Huyton Hill was the first school in the country to have its own airfield, which was on the field at the end of Victoria Rd.  The pupils were evacuated to the Lake District during the war.  The school at Pull Woods, Ambleside was renamed ‘Huyton Hill’ and was the setting for ‘Swallows and Amazons’.

Indefatigable and National Sea Training School for Boys

Rock Ferry, River Mersey


Founded in 1864 by John Clint to provide for poor sons and orphans of Liverpool sailors. James Bibby contributed 5,000 to refurbish the original ship, which was eventually deemed unfit in 1912, and was replaced by HMS Phaeton which was renamed. During the war, the school moved onto dry land, finally settling at Plas Llanfair in Anglesey. It finally closed in 1995.

Independent Infants' School

Nelson St


Listed in 1859

John Hamilton Comprehensive



Built as a Technical High School. The Downing Wing was in Hamilton Rd, the Loraine Wing in Loraine St. There was also a Margaret Wing. When the school closed in 1982, the head Mr W F BYRNE moved to Sefton. Amalgamated with Lambeth Secondary to form Breckfield. 

Joseph Williams Primary

Naylorsfield Drive


The school opened to serve the Belle Vale ‘prefab’ estate, which was built to house those bombed out during the war, and young families. The first Head was (Mrs? Mr? GORE, Deputy Head Miss Alice HOWARD.  Mr WALLARD later became Head.  I understand that Paul and Mike McCARTNEY attended this school for a time, when the family lived in Speke.  The school was eventually adapted to support children with hearing difficulties.  Closed in 1997.

King David High School and Primary

Childwall Rd  Beauclair Drive

1957 1964

Jewish schools; children transferred here from Hope Place. See Hebrew School


Everseley Rd


Formed from the amalgamation of Tiber St and Granby St schools, this is the only school in Liverpool designated as having a Muslim ethos


Hunts Cross


Opened in the 1930s; renamed Hunts Cross Primary School in 1970. See entry for Hunts Cross.

Kirkdale (North Shore) CE School

North Shore,  Kirkdale


Listed as separate Infant and Junior schools

Kirkdale Industrial Day School

Westminster Road


The school catered for 750 'beggar and vagrant children' and was founded by the Rev. Canon Major LESTER M.A (incumbent of St May's & St Lawrence's Kirkdale). The School was linked with the girls' home in Walton Rd. Possibly linked with St Mary's, which was also supported by Major LESTER

Kirkdale Industrial School

Bootle Lane, Kirkdale


Contained 1129 children in 1850. There had been some form of education offered in the Poorhouse before this. Closed in 1904 - there were lots of other wings.

Kirkdale National School

Everton Valley


Girls school was listed in 1873 Directory. Master probably Joseph WILLIAMS

Kirkdale Rd Ragged School

Kirkdale Rd


Listed in Slater’s 1859 Directory; listed from 1862 as Kirkdale Industrial Day School - possibly in new buildings.  Major LESTER's name linked with this school too - probably a wing of the main school in Booth Lane. Fronted by Kirkdale Rd, and bounded on the remaining three sides by Boundary St, Major St, and Gore St North.  Teachers included Mr SKILLICORN and Mr GORRIE

Kirkdale School

Owen Rd


Cookery and Laundry schools, listed in 1911

Kirkdale St Lawrence CE

Fonthill Rd


Amalgamation of St Lawrence and Kirkdale Primary schools in 1999.

Knolle Park Poor Law School

Beaconsfield Rd, Woolton


Mother Superior in 1911 was Sister St Catherine.  Listed in the 1938 Directory as under the ‘Poor Servants of the Mother of God’.  Still there, as a children's home

Knowsley CE



No longer used as a school

Knowsley Rd

Knowsley Rd,  Bootle


Temporary (1894)

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