Ellergreen eventually amalgamated with Abbotsford Rd Secondary Modern to become Ellergreen Comprehensive, later changing its name again to Carr Lane Comprehensive and then Clubmoor. 

There are quite a few photos of the school on the Norris Green website.

The school closed in the mid 1980s, as ’surplus to requirements’.  Many former staff and pupils have fond memories, though. 

The photo on the right is of the Hockey Team, featuring Mavis CAMPBELLl  Margaret KNEEN on the back row and Valerie HEGARTY 2nd left on the front row.  Thanks again to Mavis and Brian, who have taken so much trouble

Ellergreen was built on the new estate of Norris Green in the early 1930s.

Mrs G KEMP passed for Ellergreen Technical Commercial High School in 1948 and was one of the original 90 pupils of the new school (forms 1A, 1B,1C).  Uniforms were dark green and silver.  It was NOT a comprehensive at the time.

During the 1950s, Mavis CAMPBELL attended, traveling an hour each way from Garston because as a Secondary Commercial College, shorthand and typing were taught on top of the normal subjects.  Mavis sent in this class photograph from the 1950s, enhanced by Brian REYNOLDS.

Back row: ?? ?? ?? ?? Ian SCOTT;  Ian CLEMENTS
Middle row: ?? ?? Barbara POTTLE;  Maria WELCH;  Barbara MADDIGAN;  Joyce BARLOW;  ?? ?? John McGEE
Front row: Diana GREEN;  Mavis CAMPBELL;  Catherine CAIN;  Josephine COSTELLO;  Mr JONES;  Pauline JOHNSON;  Ann DAVENPORT;  Margaret KNEEN;  Yvonne JONES; Marjorie SCOTT

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