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The photos and memories are from Jeanette HENSHAW, who attended the school in the 1950s. She recalls Infant Teacher Miss JENNION, a teacher of Music and Needlework called Miss CANNELL who was a friend of the late singer Kathleen Ferrier.
The Headmistress at the time was called Miss McKEY.


Bottom right: Infants, 1956

Top row: Miss JENNION, Jeanette Henshaw, Stanley Riley, Doreen Bethel, Brenda Mason, Terry Lowe, David Worswick, Leslie roberts, Joyce Crawford,Barbara Pilling.

middle row: Frances Young, Barbara? Tommy Hale, John Roberts, Janet Hobson, Peter Hassall, Toni Robinson, Dorothy Lucas, Hazel Boardman, Ivy Metcalfe

Bottom row: Pat Dixon, Donald Fogg, Roy Harrison, Harry McCook, Robert May, Andrew Smith, Trevor Taylor, Raymond Jones, John Lockhart, Catherine Amaracus, Barbara Irving, Sandra Ikin


Photos below were sent to me by Christine (nee JONES) who attended the school in the late 1970s. Se remembers the infants being taught in a corrugated iron building. She organised a reunion for this year group in October 2008 - a great time was had by all!


Mr DUNNE and Mrs PRIEST (standing proudly around such a wonderful year group!)


BACK ROW:  Mr DUNN (Headteacher), Derek Theodore, John Thompson, Todd Mousley, Spencer Hughes, Peter Highton, Stephen Bennett, Alan Unsworth, Martin Sears, Stephen Holden, Andrew McCarthy, Gary Smyth, Mrs CREWE

MIDDLE ROW:  Ian Baxter, Steven Evans, Darren Ashley, Jacqueline Coutts, Noreen Hughes, Julie Erdman, Tracy Lester, Paula Roberts, Peter Jones, Neil Townsend

FRONT ROW:  Barbara Swift, Jane Taylor, Lisa Kraskow, Carolyn Thomas, Janet Harper, Christine Jones, Amanda O'Neill, Karen Stewart?, Julia Myers


BACK ROW:- Stephen Holden, Todd Mousley, Alan Unsworth, Stephen Bennett, Peter Highton, Spencer Hughes, Colin Roberts, Derek Theodore, John Thompson

2nd ROW:- Darren Ashley, Tracy Lester, Jane Taylor, Christine Jones, Lisa Kraskow, Barbara Swift, Steven Evans

3rd ROW:- Janet Parry, Carolyn Thomas, Janet Harper, Ananda O'Neill, Jacqueline Goodheart, Paula Roberts, Julie Guiness, Julie Erdman

FRONT ROW:- Wayne Wrest, Peter Jones, Stephen Knox, Darren Smith, Gary Smyth, Ian Baxter

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