The PE teacher Miss HICKSON who had taught my grandmother (Margaret CORFIELD) was still there when my Mum, Pauline NAYLOR went.  Mum remembers that she could still walk the width of the swimming baths, underwater, on her hands, when she was there!

Girlse still had to wear lisle stockings for gym.  Mum and Aunty Peg had to share the PE Kit.  Peg went to somewhere in Scotland Rd to be measured for the gym slip. She knelt on the floor and was measured from shoulder to knee. This outfit lasted both girls their entire school career!

Botany teacher was Mrs MORGAN. She had a fantastic sense of humour. 

My aunt, Peggy NAYLOR, taught here before she was married, in the early 1950s, as did Freda BARBER (later McBRIDE).

Built in 1869.  Listed at 2 - 8 Chadwick Mount, Everton Valley in 1873.  My mother attended this school in the 1940s. It still looks fantastic, dominating Everton Valley. Like many other people I still call it Everton Valley.

Mum remembers one set of stairs where, if you angled your ‘indoor shoes’ correctly, you could simply glide down. You weren’t supposed to, of course, and Mum said many people didn’t quite have the knack - sounds painful!

Everton Valley rear_2006

Anne Flack sent me the photo on the left.  She writes:

This was taken in the grounds of Notre Dame, Everton Valley in the summer of 1946 or 7, can't remember exactly.  I was in the kindergarten at the time, I am the surly one bottom right hand corner.   I remembered the teachers mentioned above and most of all Peggy NAYLOR. Peggy NAYLOR taught there and was the one who gave me a love of English Lit and a desire to travel. Anne Flack/Harpur


Grace DICKIE (now HINDER) is also on this photo. Her brother, who went to St Edward’s, Sefton Park, has her copy of it.  She writes:

I went to Notre Dame, Everton Valley from the age of 5 (1943/4) until I was 17 in 1956.  I also remember Miss HIXON .... although she taught in the Senior School only.  I remember her because she always wore navy blue knickers in which she kept her handkerchief!

Sister Winifred gave me my love of music  ... in particular singing.  In 1956 I joined the Liverpool Philharmonic Choir and "switched" the neon Lights on ... the first time they had been on since the war.

One of the FURLONG sisters taught me maths and she gave me a love of that subject.

When I was in the senior school, year two,  I think, Miss BENSON taught me History ... but she left to become an Air Hostess which we all thought was facinating ... she was always rather glamorous and I can remember we made a collection and gave her a present ....of perfume!

Above:  the current school building.  The Green lane building now houses Our Lady’s Bishop Eton Catholic Primary School

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