The picture on the left is from the front of the booklet issues to celebrate the opening of the new school in Gateacre. Governors were: Mrs M B SIMEY, JP (Chair), Cllr TUSHINGHAM, Mrs H W HUGHES, Mr R A JONES, Mrs O L BANKS, Mr W J GEORGE and Mr G V PLUMMER. The Headteacher was Mr E G HUGHES (BSc) and the Deputy Head Miss E B KERR (BA). I scanned the wrong page and have lost the rest of the staff list! Sorry to all - will ask Linda for help again!

Gateacre_a Gateacre_b

Below is a model of the school, before it was built. I think there may have been some bits added on and remodelled since then!

Gateacre Comp

Above: the school from Grange Lane. Thanks to the photographer.


The school has its own website.

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