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Harrison Jones School

Harrison Jones School was situated on West Derby Street. The school opened on August 10th 1914 and was split into three departments, Boys, Girls, and Infants, The School closed in 1983, and was demolished in 1987.

The first Headmaster of the Boys school was Mr Wm J TUCHER, other Headmasters include Mr CHARTERS, 1932-1941, Mr CLARE, 1941- 1947, and Mr E M RIGBY, from 1947.

The first Headmistress of the girls school was Miss C A WILLIAMS, other include, Miss L M COTTER, 1935-1947, and Miss Isobel S WALKER from 1947. The longest serving teacher was a Miss S SHARP, who was with the boys department from 1930 to 1951. About 1950 out buildings were built, which were used for classrooms. Lessons in these buildings included Metalwork for the boys and Cookery Class for the girls.

In 2006, a reunion was held at Woolton Hall, organised by Lily Johnson who has spent the last forty-eight years in America, 250 people attended, many travelled from America, Australia, and other parts of the world.

The most famous pupil to leave Harrison Jones School was Frank Abelson, more commonly known as Frankie Vaughan. Frankie spent his early childhood in Liverpool. His father owned an upholsterer’s shop on Lodge Lane and his mother worked as a seamstress. He attended Prescot Street School, Harrison-Jones school and was a member of the choir at the synagogue on Princes Road before the family were evacuated to Lancaster during the Second World War.

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Teachers featured: Mr RIGBY, Mr UREN, Mr FORD, Mr SMITH, Miss MARSHALL, Miss DORAN and Mr GRIFFITHS.

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