Originally, Gwladys St was a school for junior mixed and infants pupils, in connection with Arnot Street. It opened in 1901. The building coast about 1,500 and could accommodate just over 1,000 pupils. The first headteacher was Aked BOOTH, who was born in Saddleworth, Yorkshire. He trained in Chester and taught in Birkenhead before moving to Arnot St, promotion and then Gwladys St. There was also a Manual Instruction Centre, teaching woodwork only, which opened in 1899.

The school opened in its own right in 1912. The building which remains has separate entrances for ‘Babies’ and ‘Infants’. The former is quite famous!

Gwladys St_2006

Where the Junior building now stands was at one point a ‘tin school’, built from corrugated iron. Not sure if it was originally built this way. The school’s log books and registers are in the Liverpool Record Office.

Gwladys St

Link to PASTLIVErpool for photos of the gym in 1955.

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