This school was originally an orphanage.  It transferred to the City Council in 1905.  The Record Office has log books for the Girls’ School from 1905 until the school’s closure in March 1961. Frank HITCHMOUGH attended the school from 1954 - 1961.  He writes: ”At this time it was a co-ed school run by the Sisters of Charity/Mercy and had an orphanage attached. The school had two floors. On the upper floor of the wing closest to the Carmelite Monastery there was a class room with a number a stuffed birds that were very impressive.  Sister Augustine was the headmistress along with a Miss FURLONG. Miss FURLONG was a small lady with glasses but could wield a hefty cane, as could Sister Augustine. Could this be the Miss Furlong and Sister Augustine that were on staff in 1919 and 1924 respectively? There was a young nun Sister Frances who was the epitome of a dedicated teacher. She was kind and considerate yet efficient.  Miss WALSH taught the older grades. She was an older lady, white hair and rode a bike to and from school. She had a thick Irish accent.”


Liverpool Leyfield Poor Law School.  Girls’ School.

This school was opened on Monday Jan 2nd 1905 under the Board of Education, with the attendance of two hundred scholars.

Staff for 1905:  Headmistress:  Elizabeth McCARTHY.  Assistants:  Annie GLYNN (left in Feb 1905); Margaret TOLLITT; Sarah McGUINNESS; Anastasia TORMEY;  Frances RITCHIE (Pupil teacher; left in March 1905). In May – new assistants:  Mary Jane McCANN and Gertrude MORAN.  Mary Jane McCANN left in Jan 1906. In October 1907 – Agnes HANNAVY (Scotch Certificate) started at the school.  School was inspected by Mr ILES and Mr DICKS, HMI.

1908 – Gertude MORAN was appointed as an uncertificated assistant; replaced by Miss Bridget GOULD in November.  Miss M RYAN took charge of a class.  She was soon replaced by Miss K JOLLEY. 

In November 1908 the staff and Headmistrewss spent 3 days visiting other schools – St Bridget’s, St Nicholas and St Thomas & St William’s.

April 1909 – Miss M CARROLL appointed in Place of Sarah McGUINNESS.  Miss GIBBON also started at the school – also in place of iss McGUINNESS!  In October, Miss Dorothy JACKSON started at the school, leaving in January.  Miss Agnes MAHER took charge of Standard III in February 1910 and Miss Bridget MURPHY took on Standard IV.

Miss CARROLL left in August 1910 and was replaced by Miss LUCAS. Miss J CAREW took charge of Standard V. In 1911, the school decided to introduce Laundry and Cookery.

Staff for 1919:  Miss M McGUINNESS (Sister Monica); Mrs O BYRNE, Miss FURLONG, Miss CONRAN, Miss SCHUSTER, Miss HOLMES.

October 1924 – Sister Augustine (C F SLATER) was appointed headmistress.

I haven’t had time to get the detail of the intervening 35 years or so. I did note relatively few changes in handwriting in the Log Book, however!  

School Closed on March 29th 1961, and reopened as Cardinal Allen. Younger children probably transferred to St Paul’s.

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