Harrington is one of the earliest public schools.  It was established for the education of the poor children of Toxteth Park, irrespective of their religion, supported by subscription. Liverpool Record Office holds records from 1862 to 1984, but there was a school here from the late 18th Century.  The school apparently celebrated its 150th anniversary in 1964, suggesting it opened in about 1815, but in Gore's 1800 Directory, James ASHTON is listed as master of Harrington Free School.  In 1827, there were almost 500 children - infant and junior age, boys and girls.  Listed as separate infant and junior schools in 1859.  The ‘new’ building (erected 1878) has been demolished - probably on the site of the car park for the Brewery Tap! 


Above - sampler completed by Martha GOFFEY in 1818 - thanks to Ruth Ann RUSSELL for this.  Martha later taught at Harrington

Joan’s mother, born Violet Jones in 1910, attended Harrington School from c1915-1924. Her sister and brother were also at the school.  Before she died, she wrote: 

I left school when I was 14, that was the leaving age for everyone. I loved my last four years at school. I had the same teacher. Her name was Miss Edwards but secretly we all called her Teddy. She took a huge class of Standard 7 and X7. I was in Standard 7 for a year and just moved over to the end desks, which was X7 and spent the last three years there, just making the teachers’ tea and going for their lunches.  By this time my sister Elsie had started work and my brother Jim had started at the Chamber of Commerce, which his schoolmaster had spoken for him. Jim had passed the exam for Grammar school but all the books and uniform had to be paid for by the parents and by this time my Dad had died so he couldn’t go.


Above - 1934 (c) Liverpool Record Office

Harrington closed in July 1984.  The plans were originally to establish a new school called St James, from the amalgamation of Pleasant St, Harrison Jones and Harrington but this plan was abandoned and Pleasant St kept open.  Nursery provision and staff transferred to Beaufort Park.  Children moved to Beaufort St, St Silas, Matthew Arnold and Windsor. 

The Head of Juniors - Mr W LAMDEN - took early retirement; the head of infants, Jan CLYRONOMIDES, became head of Breckfield Infants. She later moved to Whitefield Infants and Primary School before retiring about 2002. 


Left and above - photos dated 1914, (c) Liverpool Record Office.

The LRO holds managers minute books, log books, admission and withdrawal registers, letter books, and photos to celebrate the 150th Anniversary.  There are lots of other photos and certificates there too. 

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