Opened in a temporary building in 1908. 1200 or so pupils attended daily at that time. The Infants’ building is listed as 1915, and cost 12,573 including the site, the building and the furniture!  The current building dates from 1937 - probably rebuilt in the 1930s; boys only from 1939 - 1967.  Most famous pupils - John Lennon and George Harrison.  The Junior school has its own website.

Below:  left, Infants; right, Juniors. Both pictures 2006.

Dovedale Juniors_2006
Dovedale Infants_2006

Thanks to Fred THOMPSON for the photos below, from his time at Dovedale.

Below:  left, 1926.  Right:  1930


Fred says:  The only names I can remember on the 1926 picture are 2nd row in front of teacher,  John GUNN who I met on a troopship going to India in May 1942. 3rd row next to teacher Jonathon ATKINSON whose parents had a farm on corner of Dunbabin Rd and Woolton Rd. The Head's name was Musker.

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