My sister attended this school, which amalgamated with Notre Dame Woolton in the early 1980s, to form St Julie’s. Photos from Barbara Price of the Garston & District Historical Society.


Photos only at the moment - working on the text!


Above: entrance

Right - concert hall.

Below and below right: Dining room and gymnasium

LaSagesseDining room

The house, Homleigh, was convent for the Daughters of Wisdom, a French order founded in 1703. They started with evening classes for girls, and also visited the poor. An 1835 map shows the land as belonging to Peter CHALLONER - who built St Austin’s Catholic Church in Grassendale just over the road. In 1894 and 1905 maps, Holmleigh is marked - there is nothing to suggest it is either a school or a convent. Probably opened as a school about 1911. There are lots of postcards from the 1911 onwards showing both boys and girls in the grounds. It was a girls’ High School by the 1930s. Alumni include Rita TUSHINGHAM.


Left - Kindergarten

La Sagesse was a convent school. When my sister was there in the 1970s / 1980s the Headteacher was Sister Charles (Miss P R SOUPER).

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