Woolton Hall (left and below left) was originally built in 1704 for the Molyneux family; Robert ADAMS carried out extensive reworking later in the 18th Century; the building still a Robert Adams fireplace, and is a Grade 1 listed building. Other owners of the Hall were (from 1772) the ASHTON family, then the SHAND family and, from 1870s, the GASKELLs. By 1901 the GASKELLs were living elsewhere in Woolton and the hall was run as a hydro by the McGUFFIE family. It had many visitors, including the American Consul and James and Alexander CRAWFORD, biscuit manufacturers! In 1911 it is listed as a ‘Hydropathic Hotel’ - proprietor Andrew McGUFFIE.

There was a Notre Dame convent at Woolton Hall by the end of World War 2. There sisters ran a private preparatory school at the convent for many years, as well as the High School.

Woolton Hall amalgamated with Notre Dame Mount Pleasant in 1970.  The new school - Notre Dame Woolton - opened in new buildings on the site of Woolton Hall (below left). I was in the very first First year (now known as Year 7!) and when I started in 1970, Woolton Hall - which had housed the school for many years - was out of bounds because it was dangerous.  It was still in the same state in 1977, when I left (below right). While I was there the headteacher was Sister Margaret TAYLOR and the Deputy Head, who had come from Mount Pleasant, was Miss LUNT.  I also remember Mrs ALI, Miss ASPINALL, Mr BESWETHERICK, Miss CLARKE, Mrs FARNELL, Miss GALLAGHER, Mr KAVANAGH, Mr MANGAN, Miss RUTT, Mr SHAKESHAFT, Miss SLOAN, Mr THORNHILL and many others

In 1883 Notre Dame Woolton amalgamated with La Sagesse to form St Julie’s.


Photo - origin unknown. I took the top one!


The uniform has improved considerably! In the 1970s there was a lot of petrol blue and pink nylon - how none of us burst into flames is a miracle!

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