Opened in 1911.  Kevin JONES’s grandmother went there and remembers that it was built by the men of the parish, known locally as the ‘Mad Malachites’.  Every night, their work would be undone, only for them to start again the next day.  As you can see, they succeeded!  The church (on the right) is  next to the school, and I remember that there is a connecting door. The school was federated with our Lady of Mount Carmel, and finally amalgamated in September 2010. Now known as Holy Family, located in the old Beaufort Park building on Rhyl St.


The photo above was taken in the mid 1930s.  The boy on the left end of the second row is Tom MULHEARN (born 1926), whose sisters Sebina and Marie taught at Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St CHarles respectively.  Also on the photo are George ARMSTRONG (front row), and Dmetrius LEOSIDES (mis-spelt?!).  Thanks to Richard MULHEARN for the photo, and the information.


Jim tells me that Junior Boys were based at Robertson St, Infants and Junior Girls at Beaufort St.  The Secondary Modern school was St George’s.  Robertson St closed in the early 1960s 

Photo (left) was taken about 1962, contributed by Jim BENNETT whose family (BENNETT, LYONS and PEET) attended  for a couple of generations  Jim says:  This photo of my class from 1962  was probably one of the last if not the last taken just before it closed and was demolished. The boys were then sent to st George’s School on Mill St . the boys are as follows ...I may have some of the names wrong but it was taken about 49 years ago!

front row ( left to right ) 1 Terry FOSTER  2 Terry McMANUS  3 Mick LARGE 4 Terry TUCKER 5 ???  6 Tony FLEMING 7 Jimmy ALLIS 8 Terry McLEAN 9 ??? LLOYD

2nd row ( l to r ) 1 Billy MOORE 2 ???   3 Tommy BROWN 4 Andy INGLES 5 Tony ROONEY 6 Terry CARNEY 7  ???

3rd row ( l to r ) 1 Francis MORAN 2 Tony BRUDER 3??? 4 Jimmy AYCLIFFE 5 John KAVANAGH 6  Mick COMER 7 Richard DAVENPORT  8 John LUCOCK 9 Gerard McDONOUGH 10 Tony DEVEREUX 11 Jimmy DEAKIN 12 Terry BRADLEY

back row ( l to r )  1 ??? 2 ??? BROWN 3 Tony FORSYTH 4 Jim BENNETT ( ME ) 5 Tony MALONE 6 Tony HANSON 7 Tony DRUMMOND. 

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