Stockton Wood School football team
Stocktonwood Badge

The teacher in this 1952 photo is Mr KELLETT, who passed away recently aged 96.

Stocktonwood from Blacklock

Brian writes: Stocktonwood Road eventually became the biggest primary school in Great Britain and its most famous pupil is Paul McCartney. At the reunion I was amazed at the excellent condition of the original wood block flooring. 

Stocktonwood ClassBR

Pictures on this page are from Peter COMPTON, a former pupil at the school, who now lives in Canada, and Brian Reynolds who lives down South but still visits regularly to meet old friends. Thanks again, Peter and Brian REYNOLDS

The original building (see below and below left), built in 1937, was recently demolished. It was built on a square plan.

Stocktonwood Road School

Stocktonwood teachers circa 1952

Peter and Ted

I’m saving this space for a picture of the new school - whenever I can get down there!

The school does have a website, which alumni may find interesting. The school has a great history page. There is also a site dedicated to the history of Speke which has some great photos of the school.

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