Linacre School,Bootle.

Paul GOODMAN’s Mum Maude READE (born 1912) attended the school, as did her brother. In the first picture, Maude is 4th from the right on the back row, and her brother George at the left hand end of the back row. In the other picture, taken August 1925, Maude is at the left hand end of the second row.

Linacre August 1925

Keith’s father Stan AUSTIN attended Linacre Rd school from the late 1920s. He wrote: 

School was at the Linacre Lane School which Stan attended until he was fourteen years old. A typical school day was from 9.00am to 4.00pm with a 20 minute break for lunch. Each child received a free bottle of milk each morning. The headmaster was Mr DICKINSON who they nicknamed "wooden leg" because of a WW1 wound. "Wooden leg" was remembered for his punishment stick consisting of a wooden chair leg. If a child pulled his hand away during a caning, the headmaster quickly hit the pupil's knuckles on the return stroke. Other teachers included the Griffith brothers, Mr VINCENT and Mrs McPHERSON who eventually went on to become a principal in the primary school system. 

Linacre Rd 1920s

The school is still listed as Thornton Rd, Bootle.

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