Opened as sister school to the Liverpool Institute Boys’ Schools (Mechanics Institution, renamed as Liverpool Institute High School for Boys in 1856). Sources vary on when it opened - some time between 1844 and 1874The house had been built in the 1780s for mayor of Liverpool John BLACKBURNE.  Photos from a range of sources, notably Liverpool Record Office and Brian REYNOLDS.

Blackburne House_1900

The photo above is dated 1900; those below are not dated.

Blackburne House_nd
Blackburne House-undated
Blackburne House_Teachers_1910s

Above: teachers at Blackburne House from the 1910s, 1920s and 1930s. 

I’ve just ordered a copy the schools’ (Boys’ and Girls’) history (Tiffen) which should shed some light on dates and so on.

The building in Hope St now houses the Blackburne House Group. There is a great cafe, among other things!

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