Clint Road School Girls Infants Dept Class 1

This Board School was on the corner of Clint Rd and Solon St.  It opened in 1879; closed just before the Centenary, in 1976. Within the first ten years, attendance had soared to over 1,000.  By the 1890s average attendance was over 1,200.

Pete sent me this lovely photo (left) dated about 1910.  This photo is again like a standard postcard on the back and is un-dated. We believe that Doris Evelyn JONES is front row thrid from right.

Clint Rd Girls Mum

 Fabulous photos from the late 1910s and early 1920s were provided by Ron JOHNSON, whose Mum Florence Mary MACHIN attended the school.

Another pupil was Norman BRIDGE, whose mother taught there in the late 1910s. Head at the time was Mr CLARKE.  The school ran special coaching groups for the scholarship, which was taken at Oulton Secondary School in Clarence St.  Norman passed the scholarship, and won the reading prize as well!  Norman went on to the Liverpool Institute.

Clint Rd - girls 1920

Clint Rd Girls - The date looks like 1917.

Clint Rd - Girls 1923

Clint Rd Girls - 1920


Clint Rd Girls - 1923

Bill GARD attended from 1937-1943. Head of Infants was Miss PYE and Head of Boys Mr ASCROFT.  Bill also remembers Miss CLARKE, an Australian teacher.  Bill has sent these photos over from Canada.  Thanks again, Bill


Above:  infants, about 1925.  Fred THOMPSON is on the second road from front, seventh from left

Kay WILLIAMS (1930s & ’40s) sent these photos. Sadly, Mabel LEE and Margaret BANKS from Kay’s photos were killed when a land mine fell on Ernest Brown Tech.

Clint Rd Girls 1

Above:  art outside!  I just wish I could see what they were all doing - they may be drawing the school.

Below - May Queen Procession, 1938.  The May Queen was Rose.


2nd row up, 2nd girl from left is Mabel LEE, 3rd row up 4th from left is Margaret BANKS.

Clint Rd Cirls 2
Clint Road C.P.Scool (1961)

3rd row up 5th from left is Margaret BANKS; 6th is Mabel LEE. 

Clint Road  C P  School 2

 The school closed in 1976 when it amalgamated with Edge Hill Infants to form the new Kensington Primary School. At that time the Headteachers were Mrs J M MURPHY (Juniors - went to Kensington) and Miss M NEAL (Infants). The building was demolished after closure, but Val GARNER (a pupil in the 1960s) sent these photos (left and above)

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