This was a really beautiful Liverpool School.  Very challenging for anyone who wasn't fully mobile - staircases were basically up and down, with a few narrow passages inbetween - as I remember it!

Janette said:  When the Headteacher Mrs Redmond retired in 1990, a donkey was part of her retirement present! Mrs Redmond was retiring to her small-holding in the Lake District, so the donkey "Bewey" was appreciated by Mrs Redmond.
The school amalgamated with Parkhill in 2000, and the building was burned down a few years ago.


Beaufort St amalgamated with Parkhill to make Beaufort Park school. Headteachers at the time were Pete RIREY and Bill DORMAN.

Linda has this photo of Class 4 taught by her mother, Audrey Mabel Wood, on teaching practice in 1948 - 49

Wood Audrey Mabel, class 4 Beaufort Street County Primary School Liverpool
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