Built in Park Vale Rd, Walton - possibly on the site of the old Ragged Industrial school. The foundation stone of the school was laid in September 1880 and the building was opened on 9 August 1881. The building has been demolished apart from the section in the photo (right), which used to hold classrooms and the dining hall, and is now the Parish Centre.

When my mother (Pauline NAYLOR) started there in the mid 1930s, the Reception teacher was called Pinkie MOORE, then there was Miss HUFF/HOUGH, and then Miss MURRAY.  Mis HUFF was horrible - anyone who was talking would have a large red flannel tongue tied round their neck, and had to stand on a chair. Mum was so terrified of her, my grandmother had her moved to another class when she refused to go into school, clinging to the railings outside.  Miss MURRAY was related in some way to Anastasia McNALLY (Head of St Cuthbert’s) who was a friend of the family.  The Headmistress of the Infants was Sister Providence, and the Head of Juniors was Sister Gregory; both were members of the Seafield Convent, of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary.  Children were caned for being late.


There are now separate schools - for infants in Hunslet Rd and for juniors in Cedar Rd.  These were opened as temporary buildings in the 1970s when Kevin JONES went there, and have now been replaced.  The Junior School has its own website.

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