The school’s own website has a pretty good history page. The photo on the left was taken by Peter TARLETON and is reproduced here with his kind permission. The others are a bit poor, to be honest - photos I took one day in August 2007. 


Calderstones is situated opposite the park of the same name, which boasts the famous Bronze Age Calder Stones.

Calder school was a girls’ school which opened in the early 1920s.

Quarry Bank was a boys’ school which opened slightly later. The school’s most famous pupil was John LENNON. My daughter - a leading authority on John LENNON at the age of 12 - insisted that i included this information!

These two schools merged with Morrison Secondary School to form Quarry Bank High in 1967, changing the name to Calderstones Comprehensive in the mid 1980s. 

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