Picture above from the early 1980s, courtesy of Liverpool Record Office. Picture on the right by me!

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Janet Byers attended the school. She says:

I went to Shorefields, it was Dingle Vale girls and Dingle Vale boys (back to back) before it merged with both schools and Toxteth Technical College and Wellington Road School, also some of the pupils of a school in Garston. Can't remember the name of it, I think it was a technical college also.

 I went to the School when it was Dingle Vale girls in 1972, then in 1973 all the above schools merged.  It was a nightmare going to lessons! Travelling from one building to the other.

I remember being in the second year of that school when it went comp, we girls thought it great to have boys in the class! Not so, they were all horrid!

My sisters before me went to Dingle Vale, before it was Shorefields and my brother after me went to Shorefields, I had loads of family there also, quite a few cousins all from the Toxteth area at the time.

The headteacher back in the 70's was Mrs Jellis.

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