This photograph is from about 1905 - thanks to Steve ALLEN, a fellow teacher!  Steve’s great uncle John HOLLAND is the young man marked with a cross.

The photo shows the boys’ yard, I guess; the girls are in the rear of the photo, behind railings.

The school was in Newsham St, off Scotland Rd where the church - one of the first Catholic churches in Liverpool - was built early in the nineteenth century

The school opened in 1844 to cater for over 600 children in the parish without access to any education at all.  Father Thomas Newsham founded the school, which was funded by contributions from parishioners.  The school was run by the sisters of Notre Dame.

Teachers:  from 1883, master was Patrick OWENS, son of an Irish labourer.  He went on to be Headmaster at St Gerrard’s when it opened in 1914.  Headmaster from 1892 was James ATKIN. Both of these men served the school for over 30 years - it must have been a good place to work! Later Headteachers included Mr J MURRAY, who retired in 1949 to be succeeded by Mr V HEWETSON.

It was enlarged in 1896, before this photograph was taken. There are a number of adults in the photograph - male and female, but none of them seem to be in religious orders.

There are other photos and information about the school on the Scottie Press website.  You may also be able to find a copy of the excellent Scotland Road ... The Old Neighbourhood by Terry Cooke.

The school was damaged by bombing in December 1940; rebuilding was eventually completed in 1950.    Demolished in 1970.

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