My father took these photos of St Bonaventure’s Secondary Modern School in Walton and of a Teacher Exchange Visit to Amsterdam in the early 1970s.  Mike MAHER’s sister is in the photo on the right, and remembers most of the other girls.

StBonaventure StBonaventure_poss

Above and centre, sraff and pupils including Christine MAHER.

Below: Dad - Bill ROBERTS, maths  - is at the back on the left


Above right -My name is John Sandison and this photo was taken by Mr Roberts circa 1976. I had just won the northern england school boy championship and was about to represent the north west of england schools in a tour of western Canada.I was a member of the Holy Name Amateur Boxing club in Fazakerley. I do believe this photograph was on the wall outside the school offices for several years after I left in 1976. I do remember Mr Roberts fondly, he was a good teacher who gave pupils time and respect.

Left & below:  teachers let loose in Amsterdam, on an exchange visit in the early 1970s.


The school was renamed Archbishop Beck, and although the original buildings are there, it is virtually unrecognisable.  I remember spending time there in the summer holidays, when Dad was working on the timetable - a mammoth task which took at least a fortnight each July, and much angst.  We’d have huge sheets of squared paper all over the house.  We learnt to keep out of the way!

The photos below have generated some discussion here.  We finally got an answer from Maggie (Margie REYNOLDS), who now lives in Canada.  She writes: St. Bonnie’s had another section of the school that we used to travel too by bus. The two bottom pictures are taken within the playground of that school. It's doesn't look like St. Bonnie’s because it isn't, but it was used as a extension of St.Bonnies'.   I Can't remember the name of the road it was on, but it was pretty close to Walton Hospital, on the other side of the road. This is the school that the two bottom pictures are taken in. I recognize the two girls.

Ronnie MOORE attended St. Bonnies between 1974-79.  He tells me that the school in the photographs is Everard Avenue School Annex (St. Bonnies `other school).  Girls in the photo on the right are: Linda Waugh and Sandra Bullock.

Thanks, Ronnie!


Maggie also reminded me of Mike KEYTON’s blog.  He seems to refer to my father - Maths teacher Mr Roberts - but although his great grandfather was Welsh, the family had lived in Liverpool for generations.

Any information gratefully received - as always:


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