Corner with William Henry Street. Formerly known as St Augustine's CE. A new building was opened in 1920.  The school closed in 1980.  The building was used as a furniture store but subsequently demolished. The Liverpool Record Office holds some of the records. Photo (link left) from Pam in Southern India, via Marj. Thanks to both of them.

Gerard BAILEY started his teaching career in 1969 at Salisbury County Primary School in Everton. An early headteacher of the school was Jessie Reid CROSBIE (after whom a block of  high rise flats was named) who wrote a very moving and pioneering book entitled 'This Kingdom Called Home'.


Gerard says:  “(her) message stayed with me throughout my career. I was at the school during the wonderful days of the Plowden Educational Priority Area Project - which also helped to form key messages about child-centredness and understanding the child's context.

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