Records suggest the building dated from 1710 - it was St Elizabeth’s before becoming Cardinal Godfrey.  Jim Donohoe attended Cardinal Godfrey from Sept 1954-July 1957 having passed the then 13+ exam in St Johns School RC in Kirkdale. Jim says:

‘We were the first of about 130 students-two 3rd form classes and two 1st form classes to attend the school.  The building we occupied was in the Anfield area and had been previously occupied by De La Salle Grammar School before they moved to a new building near Dwerryhouse Lane.

I have a photo of the the successful football team in 1956-1957 in which I was a member  and in which Mr Burke the sports and French teacher is present.  The captain of our quite successful soccer team was my best school friend,  Tom Room. We won the Lancashire cup in 1956 playing a team from Darwin from central Lancashire in the final at Earls ground. We also played at Goodison Park to win the Liverpool schools cup I think in the same year. We went on to win the under 16's secondary schools cup in 1957 after which I met Peter Farrell who was the Everton captain at the time

I also have a photo of my class in 1955 with Br Petit a young Irish Christian Brother as our form teacher

The Head Master was Brother Moran.  In my experience he was sadistic and enjoyed the use of his cane, mostly for trivial matters. Anything serious and he almost became human.  He used to have what we called his mad half-hour. If you were within speaking range you would be caned - I have the broken finger as proof.’

Alumni Ken ROBERTS and Mike CARDEN testify to Brother Moran’s powerful personality and his cane swinging.  He was a  diminutive but terrifying Scot.   Ken remembers him as ‘Pop’ Moran, but Jim Donohoe says he would never have called him that!  Ken and Mike think he was at least 70 in the 1960s!

When my brother Ben ROBERTS attended in the 1970s and early 1980s, Brother CAREY was Head.  Cardinal Godfrey closed in 1983 when it amalgamated with other schools to form Nugent High School.  Brother CAREY became head of Nugent.

My uncle - Bill Naylor - used to teach here, but I can’t remember very much about it at all.

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