StClement StClement_1937_ARP- DecontaminationTraining

Above:  ARP exercise decontamination, with the original (juniors) building behind, and the extension (infants) to the right

StClements_ArthurROBERTSc1919 StClements_FredROBERTSc1919

The original building in Upper Stanhope St was built in 1841 and housed both Junior and Infant departments - these are listed separately the 1859 Directory.  Liverpool Record Office holds plans for Upper Stanhope St / Church St, Toxteth Park. Ken ROBERTS tells me that Upper Stanhope Street became the present Beaumont Street, and the so-called "Church Street" was never a proper street; just an access to the church (above left) & school which backed on to open fields.  Church St became Dove Street in the 1860s when the area became built up.  The new single-storey school building (the infants' department) of 1863 was actually an extension built adjacent to the original building.  In 1873, master was Robert JONES.  The Junior School was closed after the upper floor of the original building collapsed during the end of term concert on 12th December 1934.  Ken’s cousin was there but she was unharmed.  The pupils were moved to Tiber Street as an annexe, and the St Clement's buildings were used for ARP (Air Raid Precautions) training prior to World War II. The juniors' building was later demolished, but the infants' department survived to become an annexe to Tiber St, then Dove Street County Primary in 1970. The school finally closed in 1997, the children moving to Tiber St.


The Roberts boys - Arthur (above); Fred (above right) and Sylvester (right) - uncles and father of Ken ROBERTS who has helped so much with this page, and with Woolton CP too.  These photos were taken 1915 - 1919 approximately.

Ken also sent in the photos of the ARP exercises - I’ve not seen any other photos of St Clement’s and Dove St - thanks, Ken.

Right - ARP scaffolding exercise with the original building behind, and next to it is the School Caretaker's House at 1, Dove Street (the first house built in Dove St!)

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