Originally Sefton Park High School for Young Ladies, which name was writ in stone upon the front elevation of the original building in Arundel Avenue. Then became Arundel Avenue High School. Headteacher in 1911 was Miss Ellen CURTIS.

The rest of the information on the site is from Marjorie INGHAM (Marged).  St Hilda's school was run by Anglican Nuns - from the order of the Community of the Sisters of the Church. The convent was St Gabriel's in Windermere Terrace near Princes Park, where they also ran a children's home or orphanage. The building was later sold to Bellerive. Shortly after Marged started at St Hilda's in 1947, the education act changed so that pupils could take single-subject School Certificates (whereas before, they had to "matriculate" with five or six subjects).  Talks also began about building the new school, and pupils were all encouraged to buy "bricks” as the start of the School Building Fund.  A field was purchased which was going to be called St Agnes' Field (St Agnes being the name of one of the "houses", and a local church on Ullet Rd). 


Above - 1949 approx: Marjorie INGHAM far right

Below: self explanatory!


School is still located in the ‘new building’ (right) in Croxteth Drive, between Ullet Rd and Sefton Park. The blazer is still purple with silver trim - as it was when Marged attended, although the hats have changed. Uniforms had to be bought from a very expensive shop in Smithdown Rd. George Henry Lee’s (oops - John Lewis) and Laser do the honours now.


The school now has its own website.

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