St Kevs was one of the very first Comprehensives, and was the biggest comp in the UK with over 2000 boys at its peak (some say 2500). Dom went there as a child and it was HUGE

StKevins_fromRoad StKevins_hall

The photo on the right is from the Kirby Times. The others have been sent to me by K J MASTERS’ son Dom, who is developing a website related to St Kevin’s and his father as I type!.

Ken John MASTERS, (right) was head of St Kevin’s from 1973 until it closed in the late 1980s. He then became Head of All Saints which was formed from St Kevin’s and St Gregory’s.

He was interviewed in the late 1990s, aged 72. Dom’s site has the link; there are also much higher resolution photos here.


As well as having a family and being a great headteacher, K J Masters found time to be a JP and Chairman of the Merseyside standing committee on drug abuse.

Below: staff football team!


The Mayor (of Knowsley, I think) visited St kevin’s, and was shown around by Mr Masters, and introduced to some of the boys.

Left: a PTA dance in the 1970s


Below left - the staff of the common room!


John CALLANAN was Mavis CAMPBELL’s dad's cousin and a deputy headteacher; he died quite young from a brain tumor. An annual award was instituted in his honour. A writer in the Kirby Times remembers Mr FITZSIMMONS, Mr COONEY, Mr MASTERS (Headteacher), Wiggy WILSON, Mr WHELAN, Mr CHANNEL, BOILY, Mr COONEY JNR, ,Mrs PARRY, Vinny DUNN, ,Mr SHANNON, Mr SHUTTLEWOOD, Jock MURPHY, Mr TROLLOPE

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