Millwood opened as separate schools, Infants in January 1954 and Juniors in August of the same year.  They amalgamated in 1990.  In the beginning, Mrs TURNER (Headmistress of the Infants) had a staff of ‘active reserve’ teachers: Miss SMITH, Miss PRITCHARD, Miss BURMAN, Miss HAYHURST, Miss CLAYTON, Miss JONES, Mrs BESWICK and Mrs JONES. There was also a Miss JARVIS, but she was withdrawn before the fend of the first week. Miss SLEGGS joined the staff in February.

In the Spring, the managers appointed Mrs JOHNSON, Miss CLAYTON and Miss BURMAN on a permanent basis, and Senior Assistant Miss L A SMITH commenced duties.


The Juniors opened under the leadership of Mr B J BLANCHARD, also supported by Active Reserve teachers - Mr V E INGHAM (BA); Mr D J DRAKE; Mr K W RANGE; Mrs R SORENSON (BA); Miss R B SLEGGS; Miss N J PETER; Miss G HUMPHREYS.  In the early days, the Head visited Major Lester school to see if they could use any of the redundant materials from that school; sadly, only a few books were brought back.  In September, some permanent appointments were made:  Mr INGMAN, Mr F PENTER (Senior Assistant), Mis R B SLEGGS (who had been at the Infants), Mrs R R SORENSON, Miss J M CULL (Senior Assistant).  In 1955 they were joined by Misses E PROBERT and E BATESON - also on Active Reserve.  Other permanent appointments - Mss D ATHERTON (from Wellesbourne Boys); Miss D MOORE (probationer from Matthew Arnold) and Mr J SWINNERTON (from Arnot St Secondary Modern). 

Linda WOODS told me: ”when I went there, it was one of the biggest primary schools in the city - so big in fact that at junior age the girls were 'farmed out' to the girls' branch of Speke Secondary Modern in Central Avenue. The boys were sent to Stapleton Avenue, again attached to the boys branch of the Secondary Modern School” (later Speke Comprehensive).  The log book confirms that there were over 400 pupils on roll at the time; they moved into their new accommodation in September 1955.


Left:  Birthday and Retirement cake for Mrs FOX (in red) of the Infants’ School.

Thanks to Mrs JUDD, Headteacher of Middlefield School, for the loan of the log books.

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