Monksdown School was built in the late 1920s to serve the growing population of Norris Green.

We think the photo on the left is of Monksdown School.  It must have been taken in the mid 1940s.  Standing on the left, with his arms folded, is John Albert Cameron, born 1936.  Daughter Kristina sent the photo through - her father loved football all his life!  Sadly, we can’t see the names of the other people on the shield.

Other heads - Stafford EVANS, Tony DAVIES.

Right - a Junior classroom in 1952-53. This lovely photo was sent to me by Mary WADE who is one of the reading group at the front of the photo.

The Juniors’ was rebuilt after a fire in the late 1960s, and the Infants after becoming increasingly dilapidated in 1997.

Below - Monksdown School today.  The Juniors’ part is on the right, and the Infants’ on the left.  Can you believe this photo was taken late in May?  Bank Holiday weekend, obviously!

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