There was a temporary school (an iron building) in Greenbank Rd from 1900. At one time, according to oral histories, the school - very close to Greenbank Synagogue - offered Hebrew lessons to Jewish pupils.

Denys OWEN went to The Morrison, boys department He says that it was ‘STRICTLY segregated. This school holds good memories for me as educationally it was excellent. I was of course caned several times by teachers and by the head, a Mr LLOYD I think. I do have several photographs (if only I could find them). I recall a science and woodwork teacher a Mr SIMPSON, who rather naughtily told me he thought my mother was a lovely looking woman. I still have a scar from a badly directed chisel and possibly one on my head from a wooden blackboard duster thrown at me. Sadly the boys dept closed just prior to the War and we moved to Rose Lane which was a very high quality building but in the September of 1939 everything changed and I was left with no school to go. I still believe that to destroy this well made building was typical of the city vandals who inhabited the council in those days.  Another story.

Some years ago there was a big reunion at what remained of the old Morrison i.e the infants school, and I took with me another ex pupil who was living near me in N.Wales.. It was a well organised reunion and the lady responsible for it had done a remarkable job. Needless to say we knew nobody there but recognised ourselves on several photographs. Shortly after that the building was demolished.

At different times there were infant, Junior and Senior schools.  Seniors were based at Rose Lane.  Calder High School and Quarry Bank High School amalgamated with Morrison in 1967 to become Quarry Bank Comprehensive School.  The younger pupils (what would now be Year 7 and Year 8) were taught at the Morrison building; swimming and music lessons also took place there.  The site on Rose Lane was eventually sold to Tesco.


My Dad and I, about 1961, on Elmbank Rd.  Morrison School is at the top of the road

Rosie MARTIN attended the Girls’ School (which opened as a separate Department in 1910) in the early 60s when the head was Olive EYTON-JONES.  Jan Byers attended the school in the 1960s, and remembers a teacher taking a cine film of children in the yard, dressed as hippies.  The 1907 building was demolished around 2004 when Morrison amalgamated with Lidderdale into Greenbank Primary School

BBC Local History has some great information and photographs of the Morrison.  The last headteacher was Wilf ROWE

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